Triumphing over the COVID-19 pandemic with a robust UberEats clone app

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is more than necessary at present to establish and follow strict safety protocols when it comes to the delivery of essentials. Food delivery apps have/are being integrated with all sorts of precautionary measures to protect everybody’s well-being. Thereby, thanks to this, the virus transmission probability due to the delivery professionals is well almost zero.


Let’s take a detailed look at what UberEats like apps have done at present:


Steps that were made by the partnered eateries of food delivery services:

  • Rigorously Checking the health of the eatery staff

The employee’s temperature is checked regularly and should the staff show any signs of the highly contagious disease; they are advised to be at home until the advice of the doctor or if they have tested negative after the directed quarantine period. Post that they are instructed regarding all the safety norms and hygiene practices that should be implemented during food preparation.


  • Following hygienic practices when preparing food and during pickup

Strict regulations related to periodic clean-up of the cooking place and the countertops to ascertain a safe cooking environment. Installing hand wash stations at the pickup points for the delivery professionals. Furthermore, the food is placed in an extra bag for protection from direct contact during transit.


Steps carried out by the food delivery professionals:

  • The delivery executives regularly wash their hands and wear masks 24/7. They are in strict compliance with the WHO regulations.
  • Once reaching the customer doorsteps, they notify the customers before leaving the food orders at their doors. This way, they enforce zero contact with the customers.
  • As the safety of the delivery professional is of paramount importance; they don’t deliver food in red zones and areas where the disease transmission is very high.


How to build trust in the customer base during this grim pandemic situation that has enshrouded the world?

When involving in UberEats clone app development, incorporate some of the following features to optimize the user base.

  • The option to credit the eateries with a special badge to build trust in the customer base that such eateries are safe in terms of orders.
  • Even the delivery personnel are accredited with a batch that signifies that the contagion does not infect them. It is a superb way to build more trust and confidence among the customers.
  • Implementing catchy GIFs and rich animations on the home page of the app to showcase all the safety standards and hygiene practices followed by the cooks and the delivery executives.



Some of the customizations that can be made in the UberEats clone script keeping in mind the current times


  • Should a delivery executive get an order, he /she need not wait until the order is ready like it was back in the usual times. It will eliminate overcrowding at the eateries. Regarding this, a feature called Just in Time (JIT) delivery partner can be implemented. It works on the two logics where one is to estimate the time to get the food ready and the second is to predict the Estimate Time of Arrival (ETA) of the delivery professional at the eatery. With this feature called JIT, one can reduce the average delivery executive wait time by 25%.
  • Add a function to ensure that the delivery personnel always wear a mask during work. They have to click a selfie and mandatorily upload it into the UberEats clone to sign in into the system and start receiving orders.


Due to the pandemic that has proven to be a bane for businesses, more eateries are inclined to be a part of Food Delivery app-oriented services. All they have to do is go to the food delivery website and register with details like the location, cuisines, mean cost of the food, owner details and such. Once done, the admin will verify if everything is veritable before acceptance/decline.



A lot of new innovative ideas related to optimizing safety during food delivery have sprung, and thereby more people are getting inclined with these food delivery platforms.

If you get involved in the food delivery business sector via an Uber Eats clone script manufactured by Uberdoo, you are ascertained of great success in terms of profitability during these times of crisis.

What makes us unique is that we have added a plethora of features that speak of robust precautionary measures and other interactive options when it comes to quick and seamless food delivery.

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