Tipping A Driver By The Uber App

It’s been several years since the Uber taxi drivers wanted a tipping feature to be incorporated in the app. Related to this Uber has at last given in to the driver’s demands where an in app tipping feature has been launched in several cities (approximately more than 100) in The United States and Canada. This aspect was held back by Uber for long deliberately. This aspect of tipping is one of the new ventures undertaken by Uber to satisfy the drivers and is one of the positive new steps taken by the taxi giant to proceed forward in relation to augmenting the driver experience in a timeframe of 180 days.


Coming to the people availing Uber for ride hailing, the tipping aspect is up to their decision and is not mandatory. It is simple and done in less number of steps where only a minimal amount of money is spent. Once the user base has upgraded the Uber app to the latest version and perceiving that the driver has registered so as to accept tips, featured are three basic and simple steps to be followed.
The first one is that once the ride is completed, the rider can rate the driver. Then the rider can opt from a fixed range of tipping amount varying from $1 to $5 respectively. In order to pay a different amount from that is preset, the riders have to avail the ‘enter custom amount’ option and can tip the amount of money which they desire to give to the drivers


The previous CEO of Uber, Mr. Travis Kalanick in response to the demand for tipping was very much against the idea even though the pressure from the internal colleagues were mounting. This was mainly attributed to the issue which is generated when a rider has to pay for the trip. Featured will be the debate where the drivers strive to provide a great ride experience for the riders and augment the probability of them being tipped. This awkward situation is further compounded by the fact that several drivers have put up signs in their vehicles requesting for cash tips.


This has created a clash and a chaotic situation where while drivers are jubilant regarding the move, other people debate that they avail Uber so that they dont have to be associated with the aspect of tipping. To add to the confusion, others have squabbled regarding the advantages of tipping where they propose that Uber can generate a living stipend for its drivers. This debate can be spiced up with a philosophical touch as well.On the side of the drivers, it is mostly not possible for the scenario where Uber will increase its fares considerably in the near future. Several of them have chartered or purchased new vehicles so as to serve Uber. This is because the additional revenue earned with relation to their car bills is beneficial and handy.