The partnership between McDelivery and Uber EATS as rolled out in Vancouver

McDelivery has collaborated with Uber Eats in Vancouver and now individuals in select areas can request McDonald’s menu offerings which will be delivered when they need it, where they need it from the Uber Eats application, on account of a deal between McDonald’s and Uber Eats.

This partnership of McDelivery with Uber Eats is as of now accessible in more than 340 eateries crosswise over Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, the Greater Toronto Area, London, Kitchener-Waterloo and Hamilton

By downloading and installing the Uber Eats application, Vancouverites can relish notable McDonald’s top choices like the Big Mac® sandwich, Chicken McNuggets® and World Famous Fries™ with the basic click of a button – empowering significantly more comfort and options. The activity is the most recent development for McDonald’s, which, alongside its franchisees, has been concentrating on advancing the customer involvement in eateries in Canada and across the globe.

McDonald’s Canada and Uber Eats share a dedication and enthusiasm for customer involvement with an incessant interest in new innovation and visitor accommodation. To discover which McDonald’s Canadian eateries are putting forth conveyance on Uber Eats, kindly do download and install the Uber Eats application before keying in your area.


As per what Andy Bates from the regional McDonald’s franchise had to say, McDelivery is featured as another energizing and crucial venture related to enhancing more noteworthy comfort and options for the customers in making the most of their McDonald’s top picks. The service is anything but difficult to utilize and that quick as well. The initial reviews keyed in demonstrates that the user base is enthralled by this brand new innovation.

Dan Park, who is the General Manager of Uber Eats Canada noted that with the manipulation of UberEATS, the foodies can get the menu items which they desire to be delivered at the preferred location and with the speed at which Uber carries out its typical services. He added that the dealing with McDonald’s will surely make gourmets in Vancouver to rejoice as their desired McDonald’s menu items are availed with a single click of a button. McDonald’s is featured as one among the most searched options in the app and the UberEATS brand is very much eager to intensify its reach and address their cravings effectively.


The full menu featured in McDonald’s eateries will be accessible for delivery except for the soft serve cones

Visitors will pay more or less the same cost for menu things from they would at their nearby eateries, with an Uber Eats delivery charge appropriate to each request

Coupons, mobile offers, and special deals are not a part of the conveyance

About McDonald’s® Canada

In 1967, Canadians embraced the first-ever McDonald’s eatery in Richmond, British Columbia. Today, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited has progressed toward becoming an integral of the Canadian fabric, serving nearly three million customers consistently. Together with our franchisees, we gladly utilize about 90,000 individuals across the nation and around 85 % of McDonald’s 1,400 Canadian eateries are privately owned and made to function by autonomous business visionaries. Of the nearly $1 billion spent on sustenance, more than 85 % is obtained from more than 100 providers in Canada. For more data on McDonald’s Canada visit

About Uber Eats

Uber Eats is Uber’s own officially developed food delivery application that makes getting sustenance as simple as asking for a ride, regardless of whether you’re at home, the workplace, or somewhere else. Uber is utilizing its innovation and extending its conveyance system to convey deliver food to hungry clients who can track their request, change their drop off, and utilize a similar record they use to take rides. The Uber Eats application, which rolled out all inclusive in Toronto in 2015, is accessible in more than 100 urban cities around the globe and Canada as well encompassing Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.