The most charming features of a dating app solution

Mobile app technologies have ushered in a new futuristic era where every type of service is accomplished with relative ease as per one’s convenience. That is exactly what the Tinder app did – It made online dating become such a roaring success such that its empire spread across the globe and everybody got amazed by its Matchmaking and Swiping Feature. As a pioneer in dating apps, it soon led to the rise of other apps like Bumble, Happn and Hinge, which also tasted success but not unlike Tinder. As it is a red-hot business domain, many entrepreneurs have tried to replicate the success of Tinder with their own Tinder clone solutions.


It is a typical question whether this business domain is hugely lucrative, and the answer is an obvious and powerful Yes! Let’s see some astounding facts related to the market growth of Tinder now.


  • By the year 2012, there were 350 million swipes daily.
  • The app had accumulated 1 billion swipes by the year 2014.
  • Now it is processing around 1.6 billion swipes daily.
  • Every day around 26 million people get a match.
  • Tinder boasts of having more than 57 million active users.
  • Each week Tinder users go on 1 million dates.
  • There are 5.9 million Tinder subscribers who have subscribed for premium services.
  • When we take the first quarter of this year, the dating app has accounted for 6.03 million users who have subscribed for the premium services.
  • Tinder has spread its empire to over 190 countries, and it is operational in 40 languages all across the globe.
  • Over 20 billion matches were generated ever since the advent of Tinder.
  • Currently, the value of Tinder is calculated to be nearly USD 10 Billion.


This is enough for anyone to tap the potential of a Tinder clone solution and earn astronomical profits and revenues.


So what are the essential features in a Tinder clone solution?

Although it looks like dating apps are quite similar to one another, the features make it different from one another.  Tinder comes with a basic version and an advanced version where the latter falls under premium subscription plans.


If the engagement factor is high, it will lead to greater user engagement and entice many prospective users.


Below listed are some of the best features that guarantee the success of a Tinder clone app solution.


  • Social Media Sign in: The first thing people will notice about your app, here the registration can be carried out and easily by signing up with the social media account credentials that include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This way, the sign-in process is made quick and streamlined. People can also register with their email id or mobile numbers.


  • Profile Creation: Creating a profile with all the user details is very important. However, if one signs in via their social media ids, everything gets synced with the dating app solution. Based on the details in the social media accounts, every detail related to name, age, gender, location, interests, hobbies and preferences are automatically added to the profile page.


  • Video Profile: This is another wonderful feature where the users can upload videos that will tell a lot about their personality. These videos will be added as a part of the profile.


  • Dashboard: This feature will help the user base in getting enlightenment regarding how the app actually works. For this, the dashboard must be simple to use but intuitive so that exploration is carried out easily.



  • Match Filters: Profiles are generated based on each user’s requirements like gender, hobbies, inclinations, age, location and likes. The profiles will be provided based on these filters. What’s more, the location-based matches will be generated based on the location the user specifies. It can be from anywhere across the globe, and you can begin a relationship despite being thousands of miles apart.


  • Highly optimized chatting: When we speak of online dating, it is evident that people would like to know a great deal about their match. Thus, after a match is generated, they are welcome to chat with the other person or even start an audio/video call. In the case of the audio call, there is call-masking to protect privacy. After these interactions, both the matches will know enough about the other person to either continue the relationship or not.



  • Premium Membership features: This is used to access even amazing features with unlimited swipes, super likes, profile visibility booster, rewind feature and chat without a match. For a given price one can access all such features adding a new level to their dating experience





With that, you have a great deal of knowledge regarding how your dating app must be optimized to achieve greater popularity and profits. If you need the right development partner who can set up your dating app in a matter of a few days, you are welcome to approach us at Tinderboxsolutions. Our Tinder clone script contains all the features mentioned in this article, and we have some more innovative features not discussed. We will get your dream app no matter how it is advanced at the best price rates.


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