The guide for entrepreneurs who are bitten by the Uber for X bug

On-Demand services have become integral with our daily life, and everything began with Uber, which paved the way for the on-demand market. Soon many followed, and Uber for X start-ups came into existence. When we speak about the popularity of on-demand markets, the US alone accounted for 90 million people who availed such on-demand services.


On-demand start-ups also had a blessing in the form of app clone scripts which are economically priced.


Let us speak about some such Uber for X areas that have a lot of potential in them.


  • Healthcare: A promising field in the on-demand market, such healthcare start-ups are featured only in the USA and UK. It is for business people who want to revolutionize society, and they can tap into the power of on-demand healthcare services.


  • Fashion & Style: Currently, a lot of people want to give only less time to beauty, and female entrepreneurs can jump into the fray by choosing this sector of on-demand services.


  • Housework: At present people employed at jobs would want to outsource every one of their housework and with relation to that, on-demand services of babysitting, cleaning and cooking can be offered by aspiring start-ups.


People who prefer part-time work are greatly benefitted by joining such start-ups that includes UrbanSitter and TaskRabbit.


Other Uber for X services that speak of a great future includes Taxi Booking, Food Ordering & Delivery, Hotel Booking and Courier related services.


Let us now speak about the Revenue Model.


It is related to product/service sales where the products sold and services offered will provide income. Some of the exceptions to this case include the big guns on the internet like Google, Facebook and YouTube. These companies offer free services but generate income based on advertisements. Revenue models greatly vary even between two start-ups that may look similar in functioning.


Some revenue models may include the likes of putting data to sale, E-Commerce and subscription-based plans, but the choice is entirely based on which one is sustainable for the given business.


Entrepreneurs ought to brainstorm questions like “Will the targeted users have the purchasing power?”, “Is our product or service is valued as a revenue model” and “Will the revenue model be the best model for greater profits?”


If the answer for all these questions is a YES, then one can proceed further ahead in implementing that revenue model.


Pitfalls to avoid:


Before venturing further ahead, make sure that there is a great insight related to everything regarding the revenue model and the business model. Only calculated risks can be taken.


The Uber for X start-ups must focus on the services being offered. For this, there is a need for all-encompassing research related to the market. The main reason why the web platform called Dinnr failed was due to the lack of a market.


Also, one has to pay a great deal of attention to the profit margin related to the product/service being offered. If the profit margin is abysmal, it might lead to the doom of the start-up. When we take the case of PepperTap, an Indian based grocery delivery start-up; it provided great discounts without any external funds. Its fate was sealed in some time.



Customer Retention:


An Uber for X start-up that speaks of high-quality services and a potent, sustainable model will have created a mobile app to do the functioning. It is followed by some effective marketing stratagems that will motivate people to use the app. However, ensure that you pay a great deal of attention in retaining the customers. Unsatisfied customers and subpar services will prove to be very detrimental. There are also the chances of high app abandonment rates.  Offers and discounts which although help in customer retention should not impact the sustainability looking ahead.




Although there is stiff competition from long-established businesses, the future of Uber for X start-ups looks to be promising. Warmly embracing the services as well as greater demand will serve to be a considerable boost. Uber for X start-ups won’t become extinct as long as people want to outsource their daily activities. Also, a business model that speaks of innovation is sure of surviving indefinitely.


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