The critical components of a successful Uber Clone Apps solution

Uber has turned out to be an astoundingly successful MNC specializing in ride-hailing and taxi booking with a total revenue summing up to 14.147 Billion USD in last year. It has also expanded its reach to other types of business like Food Delivery (UberEats), courier and freight transportation. Operating in over 900 metropolitan areas, the San Francisco based company accounts for over 110 million monthly active users from across the globe. Ever since it began, its performance in services is always consistent at top-notch quality. It has inspired many entrepreneurs to start their version of a ride-hailing business or modernize their existing taxi based business. Now many people want aUber clone to be featured as an integral part of their business. So what are the essential features that ought to be integrated with a successful Uber clone Apps or a ride-hailing mobile application?


We will see that in detail now in this article.


  1. GPS integrated tracking system


It is very much evident that GPS tracker is one of the driving forces of any taxi business or ride-hailing business. By wielding the power of GPS, the driver base are greatly benefitted as they can seamlessly locate the pick-up points and the drop -off points as well. It is also advantageous in finding the route, which is less congested with traffic to reach the destination quickly. Also, the other uses of GPS include the calculating with accuracy the Estimated Time of Arrival at the pick-up and drop-off locations along with calculating the total distance based on which the fare for the ride is estimated.



  1. In-app payments


To put to use the best use of technology, it must help the completion of a business process with a seamless and simplified payment option. With regards to that, Payment Gateways are very integral to any business-oriented mobile application. So it is necessary to develop the Uber clone keeping in mind that the user base can pay right from the mobile app and also it should feature other options like cash payment, e-wallets and credit/debit card payment.



  1. A highly integrated and automated system to collect fees from drivers


For making the task of collecting fees from the drivers to be quick and efficient, there is the need for an integrated module which is automated. This module can also help to choose a given billing cycle, implement several subscription-based plans and significantly remove the traditional manual work from the picture altogether. So the need of the hour is to develop an Uber clone with a system where drivers can quickly gain access to the subscription-related details, the account related balance, the entire transactional history and other such features.



  1. Analytics system


Without Research and Analysis, no business can progress down the successful path. And thereby, it is essential to integrate a robust in-built feature that helps significantly in the analysis. With the data input, the app must assist in providing insight related to everything regarding the business along with its growth phase and thus helping much in determining the best decisions for the company to flourish further.


  1. Profiles


This feature is from a security point of view for safety and other such purposes; it is imperative to implement the driver base’s authentication. The Uber clone Apps must regulate the rider base as well as the drivers to update their profiles to pave the way for a more customized use of the services provided.



  1. Branding aspects


The app must act as a platform where you, as the app owner and the riders as well as the drivers, can effectively communicate/interact with one another. Both of the latter must be able to get notified with the latest news, promotional codes and other related campaigns by wielding the power of text messages and push notifications.



  1. Web-based Panel


Another important feature with which the Uber clone can track the orders and manage both the taxis and drivers is needed for better outcomes. The Web-based panel can give total control over everything related to the trip. Also, ensure the integration of API for optimized communication.


All other features that include fare estimator, payment splitting, referral programs and the option to select the vehicle will also contribute to the success of your Uber clone solution.




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