Taxi Scheme Seems To Be Favorable For Uber And Other App Based Aggregators

Related to cabs which are operating in Delhi, a framework associated with the same, The City Taxi Scheme 2017 is probably going to be modified by splitting it so as to incorporate app aggregators like Uber and Ola, a reliable source mentioned.

The typical aspects of the scheme will allow the guidelines related to allowing permits for the cabs which are involved in taxi services. Additionally, new and unique rules will be implemented pertaining to licensing and an effective regulation and a revamping associated with the prevailing frameworks related to the app- based service providers like Uber.

At present, the framework is going to be scrutinized by the Transport minister Kailash Gahlot, the upcoming week. The split associated with the same when accepted and acceded will be good news for the ride hailing giants Uber and Ola which were enjoying a free reign in the Captial because of the leniencies associated with the laws.

Additionally, the app based aggregators can now integrate with the capital for the very first time after they were banned due to a controversy which surfaced in the later period of 2014.

A source stated that the guidelines have been modified by portioning them so that app based aggregators are well in compliance with the canvassing related to the amendment to Section 93 encompassed by the Motor Vehicle act which will pave way for the states of the nation to provide licenses to the former. States of Rajasthan and Maharashtra are already following a related framework.

Uber and other app aggregators should be in terms of the guidelines associated with the Information Technology Act 2000 along with the rules related to it. Also for the aggregators who are not abiding by the guidelines of Section 93 will be fined with a levy ranging from 20,000 rupees to 1 lakh.

Limits will be implemented on the fares so as to curb the total number of vehicles which are plied by them. Stringent application of the guidelines related to licensing will assure that Uber and other app based aggregators perform their functions encompassing more responsibility.