Statistics Related To The Number Of Active Uber Riders In The Sub Saharan Region of Africa

Uber is maintaining a powerful standing and is prospering even though there are other taxi rivals which are intensely vying with relation to the taxi wars.


The ride hailing giant has revealed and affirmed its popularity as it serves several cities across the globe with cheap, secure, guaranteed and effective quality rides.


In the African country of Ghana, Uber features more than 140,000 active riders

Related to Ghana’s capital Accra, the ride-hailing app features around 2.27 million people who can avail the reliable transportation with the help of Uber seeing its big bustling urban population in the city.


Uber’s simple to master handy app serves effectively in linking the driver-partners with the rider base all with a click of a single button. Featured over 4 million people thronging the busy streets of the city in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, there is a lucid and rising popularity related to the services which Uber offers.


Alon Lits who is Uber Sub-Saharan Africa region’s General Manager noted that Accra is a lively and vibrant metropolis where Uber is efficiently providing high-quality services.


Below listed are the total number of people in this year who manipulate Uber as active riders availing it in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa where South Africa is the biggest market featuring 969,00 riders. It is followed by Kenya with 363,000 riders. Next, comes Nigeria with 276,000 riders. The subsequent country is Ghana as aforementioned with 140,000 drivers. Tanzania and Uganda accounted for 53,000 riders and 48,000 riders respectively.


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