Starting and implementing your ride-hailing business with the best Uber Clone

COVID-19 pandemic has altered reality and our daily lives as we know it. People have no choice other than to switch to the new normal where the pandemic has brought about long-lasting dire consequences affecting the world and its economy. One economy that has, however, become very popular despite the bleak times is the ride-hailing industry.

The associated service providers have brainstormed new enhancements intending to optimize the safety of both the riders as well as the drivers.

The market revenue for this industry is forecasted to increase from 76 million USD this year to 120 million USD the next year. This is the perfect opportunity for any start-up or entrepreneur to jump into this market with an Uber Clone mobile app solution.

Below are some important points to be implemented when starting a new ride-hailing business or optimizing it in the pandemic era.




  • Detailed market analysis

Everything begins with clear enlightenment regarding the target market. For this, you have to consider all the transport relaxations and restrictions that are associated with the various demographic zones. After gaining knowledge regarding what the prospective customers want and when they are following the present legal terms and conditions, you are then in a position to enthral them with the best transit options. Also, you can satiate the needs and requirements of the individuals.



  • Innovative Thinking

It is a fact that businesses run to generate income and the ride-hailing business is no exception to that rule. Alongside ride-hailing services, you can also apply the power of creativity to carry out other businesses like food/grocery delivery as well.

With people confined to their homes because of the pandemic, there has been a great, never before heard surge in popularity for on-demand oriented delivery services. The driver base of yours can also be made to carry out getting essentials delivered to the doorsteps of the end-users. This way it’s a win-win situation as the driver-partners get additional income and so do you as an entrepreneur.



  • Digitization of the business

Thanks to the effects of this pandemic, normal taxi businesses have either been deeply affected or have faded away from existence. The need of the day is a ride that provides both comfort and no physical contact.

With your Uber Clone solution, you can help the rider base in booking rides with a very few clicks and also ensuring zero-physical contact as well where payments are made an online post a ride is complete. Thereby, you are gaining the trust of people who access rides via your mobile application in these gloomy times caused by the COVID-19 virus. Everything is made risk free.

All your business services and operations are greatly automated with your digital solution, and this will save a great deal of time as well as the cost for you.


Next, your ride-hailing mobile application can be launched with the following features to get more ride requests and simultaneously retain the drivers for your business.



  • COVID-19 Checklist

It is of absolute necessity to wear a face mask to shield people from infections. The driver base can be encouraged to upload a selfie with their masks on from the driver app before they start accepting rides. A smart mask recognition software will ensure that the drivers, as well as the riders, are wearing masks during the ride. Regular temperature checks via the app along with a health checklist in the driver app will ascertain that the drivers are infection-free and that they are in compliance with the hygiene standards. Uber is an example of a ride-hailing app that has implemented these features. Other practices include the mandatory use of partition screens, gloves and hand-sanitizers, which ensures that both the drivers and the riders are protected from the highly infective COVID-19 disease. Thereby, it is very much important to implement a safety checklist that must be strictly followed for the better good.


  • Ride Cancellation

Whenever either the driver or the rider is showing any symptoms of the Coronavirus, there is a greater risk of either one of them to contract the virus. When that is indeed the case, to avoid problems, both the riders as well as the drivers can cancel the rides for free. Thereby, you as the app owner is ascertaining the fact that you prioritize the health of both the driver and the rider above everything else. Thus, there will be a much more safe environment where the trust of the people is gained, speeding up your growth as an entrepreneur in ride-hailing.



  • Go Global yet Local

If you want an international reach, then it is a good idea to integrate your ride-hailing mobile app solution with multi-language support so that both the riders as well as the drivers can access the app in the language that is in their locality. This will provide ease of access.


  • Rating & Review

When it comes to ride-hailing business, it is mandatory to know the reviews and feedback of both the driver base as well as the riders. Accumulating both their feedbacks related to their experiences can help in fine-tuning your business to meet the expectations of both the parties involved.



It is the right time to begin a ride-hailing business, with an Uber Clone solution that is in perfect synchronization with the new norms and rules. This wat you will attain a huge explosion in the growth of your business all within a short span of time.

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