Some Uber Tips Beneficial For The Rider Base

Featured in this article are several advantages and tips related to the Uber’s rider base which was not known to that extent previously.


Split fares with friends

Fare splitting among the co-riders is done by swiping up from the bottom of the app while in transit and then going choosing the preferred means of payment and finally activating Split Fare. Then, the details about the fellow riders like name and mobile number are inputted. Alerting them is done in an instant but they have to accept if well in advance before the trip is over.


Conserving money with uberPool

Provided the riders are formulating a plan to make a trip all alone or with another person, they can end up conserving money with the manipulation of UberPool. Two ways to make this feasible is by opting for the uberPool option featured at the bottom or by selecting the uberX option and subsequently avail Find an uberPool Match.

Provided the drop-off point is inputted, Uber will help to find other people who are also commuting in the same route.


Change pickup location after requesting a ride

Provided, the booking has been done, the ride-hailing app allows the user to edit and provide a different location. This is done by clicking the Edit option where the new address is keyed in prior to selecting Confirm. This option appears right next to the pick-up location in the app. But this feature can be manipulated only once and the change of location must not be outside the circle which is shown in the app.


Save addresses

In case of frequent rides with Uber for the same place again, the locations are pinned as Favourites in the app. Featured in the Settings menu, the user will be requested to input the personal and official address details. Even more, addresses are inputted by availing the More Saved Places option.


Schedule a trip

Trips can be booked 30 days in advance all done by clicking the icon which represents a car with a clock.It is featured adjacent to the Where To? bar. Post date selection and 15-minute pickup window selection, modifications are done in Current Location related to the pickup address.


Automate your expenses

In the event the user is manipulating Uber for official and personal reasons, it is effective to create a business account where it is integrated with the work email id of the user where the receipts are sent along with a different credit card for the same.

Coming to Settings, at the bottom the option Add Business Profile is availed and it can be synced with any account namely Certify, Concur and others. This serves to streamline the expense logic and functioning.


Share your trip details

For safety and keeping the rider’s friends and family relatives updated regarding the trip, they are shared with the details of the driver and displayed is a real-time map location. This is done post ride booking by sliding up from the screen bottom and availing the option Share My ETA.


Use Uber in Google Maps

Uber services can be done from the vicinity of Google Maps. This serves to circumvent the tedious process of accessing different apps and entering the address via copy-paste methodology. Post-trip, the rider can manipulate the payment process with that which is synced with Google or with Uber.


Earn credit

Riders can build up credits if they encourage other people to develop an Uber account. This is done by availing Free Trips and then clicking on Invite Friends. Credit is gained in £5 related to each new user who registers with Uber and whats amazing is that their first trip is all for free.


See your rating

A noteworthy feature in Uber is that the driver base and the riders can rate and evaluate each other with the manipulation of the app and the rider can get to see their current score. This is located below the name in the main menu. If not displayed, it indicates that more trips have to be taken to generate it.


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