Some tips from Uber for safety during the festival times

The Christmas season has at long last come and as the occasions and festival plans move nearer, many will favor prioritizing traveling in taxi cabs on either the traveler’s or back seat as opposed to using their own vehicles

Uber Africa representative Samantha Allenberg stated and listed several driver and rider security tips to guarantee that both the groups are safe amid the rides.

She noted that Uber pays importance to the well being and security of the rider and driver base and that is the reason as to why the ride-hailing giant seeks furthermore to enhance the aspect of safety.

Precaution guidelines for the passenger

It is important to scrutinize the vehicle’s enlistment number, color, driver photograph and name so as to correlate them with what is displayed on the App in the wake of asking for an Uber ride

All the rides must be associated with the Uber app alone. It is also important to refrain from manipulating the smartphone when the riders are on road she noted
She prompted riders to rather hold up inside until the time that they were told the driver has arrived.

– Be a back seat rider
Riders are encouraged to sit in the rearward seat assuming that they are alone and the only rider in the cab.

This is to ascertain that the riders can securely exit from either side of the vehicle so as to not be in the midst of the heavy and busy traffic. She added that there is individual space between the rider base and the driver as well

– In-application help

She clarified that this feature enables the people to get an immediate answer to the questions in the minimum time conceivable.

Allenberg noted that the “help” feature in the application apart from assisting the riders and drivers to convey any worry related to safety in the middle of the trip also guarantees that they will get an incite response.

– Follow your instinct
She also noted that the rider base must be aware of the background and the environment and should rely on their impulse and decision-making factors in the event they perceive that something is amiss

The rider has to be well aware and careful when sharing any confidential and private data associated and that they should be mindful especially of the aspect that they confirm that the driver whom they viewed on the app is the actual one offering the ride. In case of danger, the riders have to immediately notify the authorities
Security tips for the driver:

– Stay concentrated on driving

Drivers were recommended to dependably be ready and pry their eyes out on the road and abstain from texting while at the same time driving.

Allenberg suggested that the driver’s feature a holder for the smartphone so that it is situated in a convenient place for viewing, while at the same time guaranteeing that it does not result in fatal and risky hazards. She also noted that the drivers should take a break whenever needed. There should be a considerable focus to watch out for pedestrians and bikers she added by stating that to be continuously on the lookout for those who are crossing the road and coming on bikes.

Drivers were encouraged to just drop travelers off in safe and busy legal areas. Allenberg noted that the driver should pay importance to others on the road and should not park the vehicles near the traffic signals and junctions. It is recommended to pull over the vehicle in a secure location rather than the middle of the busy road.

It was suggested so as to not to park in dimly lit streets and steps have to be ascertained that the doors are locked in all instances with an intuition of vigilance to be adopted. This is particularly useful in the night times or where the areas are prone to be crime infested

She added that the driver must maintain at least one car’s distance between the car and the one in front of the car especially at a stop street or a traffic junction.