Some statistics related to Uber Eats in the Australian continent

The most costly Uber Eats meal made this year was an excessive feast of cheeseburgers, salmon, steak, and desserts that amounted to almost $1,570 for a given user

Based on what Uber Eats had to note the chart-topping ordering originated from the classy Melbourne restaurant Entrecote and comprised of: eight gourmet cheeseburgers, seven serves of smoked salmon, seven steak sandwiches, Beluga caviar valued at $600, Chevré and finally six bombe alaskas.

Uber Eats offerings featured a profitable year in Australia, yet it wasn’t caviar that most of the hungry clients were longing for.

The most prominent dish desired and ordered was hot chips, with Friday at 6 pm being the time with bustling activities for dispatch riders and kitchens together.

The quickest conveyance, and maybe the laziest Uber Eats order in Australia, was a solitary cheeseburger from McDonald’s requested at 2 am on a Saturday morning. It was delivered in only 5 minutes and 11 seconds.

One dispatch driver, with whom the reputation of making the cumulative and highest distance traveled as associated with Uber Eats food delivery service was accounted at 37,000 miles – the likeness going from Sydney to Perth for around 10 times.

Related to midnight food cravers, the supper most generally requested after 12 pm was a “Halal Snack Pack” from a renowned kebab-shop comprising of hot chips, shaven kebab meat and a mix of garlic, stew and grill sauce.

The most sustenance at any point requested in a solitary day was October 22nd, a radiant Sunday the day after the Wallabies defeated the All Blacks when individuals were apparently asking for a hangover remedy food conveyed to their entryway.

Uber Eats rolled out in Australia at the beginning of 2016 and has encountered extraordinary development as eateries piggyback on the conveyance benefit and service without paying for their own employees

In the most recent year, the food conveyance domain has turned out to be wildly vying and competitive – where in Sydney alone there are three noteworthy contenders encompassing Menulog, Deliveroo, and Foodora.

Analysis, as made by the Australian Retailers Association in August this year, esteemed the food conveyance domain at $3.5 billion, with an annual enhancement and development of 5.32 percent.