Some integral features of a restaurant app and food ordering & delivery app

Are your contemplating to plunge into the online food requesting and delivery business? Investigate these insights to see precisely what you’re passing up a great opportunity for:

In 2015, the sum income created by means of mobile applications for the eatery business attained $160 million. This is one of the most elevated income developments for any industry as far as mobile application deals.

Mobile Loyalty and Rewards programs incorporated into a food delivery application serve to increment the sum a user is probably going to spend by 15% when buying, as per LevelUp. The number hops up to 72% when a client acknowledges they’re quite near to get a reward.

On the web and in-application ordering have helped eateries, of all shapes and sizes, increment their basket size estimate by 25%, as per Olo.

69% of clients desire to order food online by means of their smartphone.

In the event that they can’t read an eatery’s menu on their smartphone, then the restaurant is losing 62% of its potential clients.

The math is straightforward.

Regardless of whether you’re a 10 table, family-run eatery or a multi-spread eatery network, in the event that you are not associated with a committed mobile application for ordering and delivery, odds are you’re passing up a major opportunity for no less than a 20% expansion in deals.

A customer-oriented mobile application isn’t just the only best way to enhance your deals. You can put resources into an all-encompassing mobile arrangement that gives eateries a chance to enhance their deals and profits.
Basic Features for Restaurant App

Since you’ve legitimately chosen to put resources into a food ordering and delivery application, the following thing to settle on is what featured to put in it? Featured and prepared is a rundown of 5 of the most imperative highlights each eatery application needs to integrate to be adored by the clients. Without a doubt, you can include more features into it, however, you shouldn’t trade off on the accompanying highlights:

Loyalty, Rewards and Discounts Programs

As per Statista’s study of 2015, 37% clients utilize the mobile application to search for rebates. While 26% clients utilize the application for Redeeming and procuring loyalty points.

Other than these details, the most essential is the fact that the cost of drawing in/procuring another client is 5 times higher than the cost of retaining one.

This is precisely why few of the established enterprises in the business give careful consideration to their loyalty programs.

In-App, Online Ordering and Mobile Payments

In-application ordering allows foodies a chance to distance from the queues or sitting tight for the request to be taken and prepared. The capacity to pay for their requests in advance makes user benefit and advantage one stride ahead.

Other than that, people who order online tend to visit the eatery 67% more regularly than the individuals who don’t. Whereas, 26% of the people state they utilize a food ordering and delivery application for the simplicity of making the purchase for their requests in prior.

Not exclusively does it make the lives of the customers less demanding, it additionally enhances the eatery’s productivity and precision for taking care of requests. These benefits will give the eatery a reasonable advantage over the rivals, regardless of whether they’re located over the road or over the lake.

Web-based social networking Integration

Online social networking integration has turned into a perennial element for each food ordering and delivery application featured. For the eatery business much more, what with the client’s have to contemplate their experience, take pictures of and transfer them to their online networking accounts.

Not only that, the eatery can use the online networking and integrate it with their loyalty/discount plans to tempt existing clients to gain points and price for welcoming new clients/companions. This enormously helps in drawing in new clients, while in the meantime luring a onetime client to end up noticeably being a potential customer.


Regardless of whether being an eatery proprietor hoping to enhance deals, client loyalty and retention or a business visionary putting resources venturing into the next plan of online food ordering and delivery benefit – the above highlights are an absolute necessity to incorporate into such a mobile application