On-Demand UberEats Clone – Integrating the most important and eye-catching features

The world is still suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak-related menace, which started a year ago. It has reached every nook and corner and has brought about dire consequences for businesses and economies, leading to total slowdown. One such industrial domain which has been impacted greatly is the restaurant industry. People fearing the risk of getting infected are not going to eateries to eat and have a good time like earlier times. Despite that, there is a set of foodies who crave for tasty food in this lockdown era, and that is where an UberEats clone will come into the picture as a saviour for both the restaurant owners and the people.


So what exactly are the advantages related to that? That is what we are going to discuss now in this blog. A food delivery app must be designed such that it offers the best comfort for people who love to relish and enjoy delicious meals right from the comfort of their homes where everything is achieved instantly in a few clicks. We will see them in detail.


  1. Simplicity and Convenience


As mentioned earlier, food delivery apps must focus on providing the best comfort for the customers who are panic-stricken by the effects of the infectious coronavirus. It is risky for the customers to go and dine-in at their favourite restaurants. Thereby these food delivery apps help the food industry to get their dishes delivered to customers despite the very bleak times.


  1. Cutting down the time


Food delivery apps are also popular because they now help greatly in saving a great deal of time which earlier was squandered in going to eateries, following the COVID-19 related health precautions and waiting for their turns. These apps achieve everything instantly, with just a few clicks.


  1. Cutting down the cost


Food delivery apps also speak of some cool deal and various offers which are provided consistently, thereby helping in saving some money for the customers. The special discounts and coupons, although time-limited, will help people to get their favourite dishes at less cost.



  1. Digitalization


Nowadays, everything is getting rapidly innovative and digitalized with the help of cutting edge technological marvels. The food ordering/ delivery system is no exception to this trend. These food delivery apps have upgraded traditional practices and made everything very simple when it comes to ordering their favourite dishes.

They serve to be a boon for the customers as well as the eatery enterprises along with the food delivery executives.


  1. Robustly Secure Transaction Software


With the process of technology and time, the traditional approach of paying via cash for anything has been removed, and it has been replaced with digital payment systems. This helps in curbing the risk of infection. Payment can be made quickly and safely due to the robust settings in the food delivery apps that are associated with the multitude of secure transactional gateways.

With several options that encompass credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and net banking, everything is now far more simplified and made comfortable.


  1. Real-Time Order Tracker


Adding to the curiosity of the end customers, every food delivery app must integrate an advanced food order tracker which will give insight regarding everything related to their orders starting from the initiation, the food being cooked and the ETA for the delicious and mouth-watering dishes to reach their doorsteps. It will serve to keep them enthralled until the order arrives.



With that said now in the midst of the pandemic, one can venture into the food delivery business and rest assured it is a lucrative business where both the food cravers and the restaurant owners are greatly benefitted. This serves to revitalize the badly affected food delivery industry and paves the way for better customer engagement and an increase in sales. Furthermore, there is greater brand loyalty and most importantly, a good job opportunity for people to earn money as delivery executives.

To further gain the trust of people, aspiring entrepreneurs can turn the gloomy lockdown times into an advantage through the implementation of robust safety precautions for the delivery professionals like mandatory temperature check, the compulsory usage of sanitizers, face masks and gloves to curb the transmission of the disease.

Adding enticing elements like providing a free dessert on purchase greater than a given price, paying tips via the app and even branching out into grocery delivery will prove more beneficial as well.

If you want to begin your own successful food delivery business, you are more than welcome to reach out to the team at Uberdoo for an economically priced yet powerful UberEats Clone solution. We have everything integrated to ascertain a food delivery process that gives paramount importance to the safety of the food delivery professionals and the customers. To know more visit Uberdoo.com to get started.