On- Demand Food Delivery Apps are the hottest trend in the market

With everything being within the scope of our smartphones, each sector is getting to be innovation-driven and is using the most promoted platform i.e online to remain in the contention. This includes obviously, the food sector as well. On-demand food delivery applications are presently dominating the market and are progressing even further.

Food outlets that have tie-ups with the online delivery applications get over 20% of their business from these apps when contrasted with 2014.

Utilizing these applications is exceptionally basic, clients can request food on the application and it will be conveyed to their doorstep inside an expected time. These applications make life less demanding for the general people who are having chock-a-block schedules and calendars not allowing them the opportunity to go out and eat.

Looking at the metrics in the online market, it is Zomato and Swiggy that have both seen a noteworthy increment in their incomes over the most recent two years.

This year, Zomato hit 3 million requests in a time of one month. When they began in 2015 and had one million requests in a time of over a year.

Likewise, its rival, Swiggy has additionally observed a huge rise. In 2016, they had very nearly 42,000 requests for each day and by 2017, it expanded to right around 78,000 requests for every day.

Advantages of On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

The On-demand food conveyance applications are turning into the “trend” due to the advantages that accompany it. They have seen roughly a 500% development rate in the number of clients in the timeframe of the most recent four years. The rate is anticipated to go much higher by 2022.

In the event that given an alternative, a man would, for the most part, want to eat at home instead of going out to an eatery following a difficult day. That is the reason on-demand food delivery applications come effective as they make life simple for the clients!

Taking into account these applications, with only a single swipe, clients can discover eateries that have great ratings and put in their request. With the intense rivalry in this field too, there are extra features furnished by some applications.

In what capacity can application developers make their applications all the more engaging to clients?

It is difficult to enthrall clients to your application while there is a huge number of mobile application development organizations endeavoring to advance further to be the best. This is the reason there are a few points that application developers need to remember the goal that their application can be enthralling to the clients. Significantly, everything rotates around who makes it more helpful, hence that merits focus.

Elucidate time of delivery

The normal time of delivery ought to dependably be known to the client so they would, at any rate, have a reasonable thought of when exactly the food will arrive. Additionally, keep some spare time in addition so as to be certain.

No client might want an application that doesn’t convey their request on time and would probably change from that to another contender. Then again, in the event that the delivery is done very much in advance, it would just make them like the application much more.

The feature of tracking location

The clients like staying alert and need to be enriched with the insights about their request, only for it. Furnishing them with the feature of real-time tracking will be an aspect that keeps them connected with the application.

Enable the clients to give criticism

The best feature with regards to the online platform is that there is an opportunity for two-way correspondence. Keying in the feedback ought to be open for your clients so they can post reviews about your application or the ordered food.

Along these lines, you can surely know where you have to improve thanks to the reviews accumulated. In addition, appraisals and surveys likewise help other clients in choosing whether an eatery is great or not, making the application all the more engaging and agreeable.

Keep the feature of multiple payment methods

The most critical viewpoint is the payment alternative on the online food delivery applications. At first, clients favored the Cash on Delivery (COD) feature seeing its advantages. Currently, with the assistance of online networks, the user base prefers to keep it cashless and complete the transaction quickly via the net.

Remain associated with Social Media platforms

The mission of the mobile application development organizations developing a successful application is not the final objective yet. The major connection must be with the youngsters. Remaining dynamic via social media is extremely important and will prove beneficial for you from the client’s perspective.

Implementing the cutting edge innovation

Featured in food delivery applications like UberEats, the designs related to Android and iOS have some distinction giving the clients an out and out unique experience. With respect to the location tracking feature, the Android clients can avail it with Google-based API. Also, then again, the iOS clients can get to it on the Core Location Framework. So also, Ios clients can get to MapKit and the Android clients can get to Google Maps API for precise information.


It doesn’t take a great deal to understand that on-demand food delivery applications are the red-hot trend at present. They are featured in the market, and on a mean scale, half of the general population incline toward utilizing these applications to order food as opposed to going out and eating.