Launching a Taxi booking app solution during the Pandemic crisis with safety precautions

COVID -19 has brought the entire world to a standstill with over 11 million confirmed cases. In these grim times, every people’s life has been severely impacted, and it has also radically altered the way how we used to live. It has paved the way for telling how important is the aspect of well-being and personal hygiene. Not only are people affected, but so are the economies across the globe. These are times when the global economic recession is evident. Such is the impact of the highly contagious Corona Virus.

People now fear to leave their houses and use public transport to move from one place to another due to the fear of contagion.

However, in such situations, people can opt for on-demand cab/taxi services which seem to be a better alternative. Despite that, there are some health-oriented risks associated with this concept of sharing where the riders and the drivers are prone to contracting diseases.

So how are the ride-hailing conglomerates able to operate in this risky period?

The giants like Uber and Lyft are instilling the fact that the riders should not come out of their homes. However, in some areas, the services are continuing. Here, the drivers, as well as the passengers, are notified to wear masks mandatorily. In the case of Uber, it is teaching its rider base to occupy the back seat of a ride-hailing vehicle. Furthermore, Uber has confined the number of riders in a car to three.

Uber has also motivated its passengers to abide with the travel guidelines which were furnished by the Atlanta based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). What they had to say were:

(i)            Once a ride is complete it is necessary to wash the hands with soap and water

(ii)           During transit in a ride-hailing vehicle, should the need to cough arise, it should be done only on the elbow.

(iii)          It is better to keep the window open during the travel to optimize air-flow ventilation.

Meanwhile, in India, a ride-hailing firm called Meru Cabs has conceptualized an innovative method of sanitizing the cabs via Ozone treatment. The sanitization takes place in designed hubs all over the country. The O3 air is released into the interior of the vehicles to reduce the extent of the virus and other harmful disease spreading agents. In this way, customer safety is optimized.

Another Indian ride-hailing giant Ola has notified its driver-partners to immediately alert the centralized Ola helpline if the riders are showing any signs of the symptoms related to the flu.

The future of traditional taxi firms

Speaking of the long-established and traditional taxi business firms, they must opt for innovation. It is done by embracing brand new technological solutions, including an Uber clone script which will both optimize the user experience and will also prove useful well enough in tackling all the obstacles caused by the pandemic.

For a start, they have to research and collect data related to their operations for analysis. This analysis will well help them in narrowing down on the prime concerns the customers are facing, and as a result, this will help in making them more comfortable when opting for taxi rides in this pandemic.

If you opt for an Uber clone script, it will prove immensely beneficial. For example, if we consider a rider who is in strict compliance of the social distancing norms, the highly customized  Uber clone app can connect the rider with the nearest taxi instead of making him/her wait for a time. Thereby, time loss is significantly reduced. You can also wield the power of this on-demand taxi application solution to increase the cab frequency so that the social distancing norms and standards are completely met.

Furthermore, you can integrate the Uber clone app of yours with contactless automatic payment options, including the likes of credit/debit cards and eWallets. The payments are made instantly.


Although this pandemic isn’t going to last for eternity, the customer expectations will undergo a rapid change for sure. All sorts of taxi businesses will have to transfigure themselves and offer on-demand taxi services that speak high of safety and precautionary measures.

If you are looking to start your own successful on-demand taxi service business, then you are more than welcome to contact the team of Uberdoo at any time.

Having developed a powerful Uber clone script that is well ahead of its time and speaks of high customization, all that the team requires is your application idea and the features you want to be integrated with the app.

With that information, we will launch your own particular on-demand taxi application with the help of our Uber clone script.

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