Jon Thomason Is Now A Part Of Uber’s Advanced Technology Group

The Advanced Technology Group of Uber has recruited the services of Jon Thomason who had just served as the Head of Mobile and Product at the social media giant Facebook’s Oculus Virtual Reality brand. He will spearhead Uber ATG’s software personnel and progress in the cities of San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Toronto related to Uber’s ambitious ventures encompassing self-driving and trucking.


He joined Oculus last year and was in charge of its mobile VR products in the circumstances of the former Oculus CEO abandoning the role to take responsibility for Personal Computer related VR. Earlier he assumed the role of VP of Mobile Shopping at the retail giant Amazon and prior to that the VP of Engineering at Qualcomm


His amazing expertise ranges over a collection of various software applications. His job responsibilities included working on Qualcomm’s application processor software team dealing with mobile graphics, camera and OS related assistance to name a few. He was also given the role to supervise Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console and its online gaming service during his tenure with the software giant.


Uber’s Head of ATG noted that he was excited to make Jon as a part of the Uber team where it was noted regarding the expertise and prowess of him in rolling out new products which made him the best fit for Uber and it is all set to see him working.


Uber’s ATG software is striving with ventures related to deep learning, mapping, safety features, computer vision and lots more. With the guidance of Thomason who has the experience to realize the vision of a sophisticated product development for Uber, recruiting him into the picture has been a very wise move.


Uber’s ATG team features over 200 employees who are focused and making strides in the software domain presently.


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