Introduction to On demand Gojek Clone

We will be quiet familiar with the terminology on-demand service apps, and what exactly are they? They are apps that supply goods and provide services for the customers within a given time frame.

The ever-evolving technology integrated with the user base’s preference in times like this is the main reason why on-demand applications have occupied a firm position in the minds of every people. If you have been offering on-demand service businesses, it is natural for you to fear that the enlarging number of such on-demand delivery apps will damage the prospects of your business. But fear not; you can solidify your presence with a powerful Gojek clone solution which will catapult your business and profits to the very top. It can turn the tide of your battle against the deadly novel coronavirus.

These apps will help you to seamlessly handle multiple services that range from hair-cutting, handyman, plumbing, carpeting, tutors, and electrician to food delivery, grocery delivery, transportation, courier services pharmaceutical delivery and much more. You can collaborate with service providers and offer such beneficial services to the user base who can’t leave their homes due to the fear of contracting the contagion that attacks invisibly from any corner without the slightest warning if so any.

The app will provide the best preference when we take the user’s convenience into account, and the solution must support multiple payment options. This is to discourage the practice of Cash on Delivery which possesses a risk of transmission and promote convenient online modes of payments like PayPal, Credit/Debit card payment, Google Pay, Apple Pay and many other options that provide a secure means of instantaneous payment. In the end, the users must have multiple options to make their payment conveniently.

The functioning methodology of every on-demand service mobile application is the same. First, the user will submit a request related to a given service, then the admin will take care of the request by processing it, and then the admin will map the nearest available service provider with the user. After that, the user can track the vendor via the power of GPS using the app. The services get carried out after which the user can make the payment which the admin will confirm. Later on, the user can share some reviews on how the services actually were.

Next to get better app-engagement rates and for obtaining the advantage in competition, the users have to be kept up to date and well informed of what and all is happening in the app solution of yours. This is accomplished with push notifications that will send the users info regarding the deals, discounts, offers, your newest features, and the latest services that are integrated with your app solution.

No longer will people have to download and install many numbers of apps, each serving different purposes. Everything is accomplished in what is called a single all-encompassing Super App. By this way, people are saving memory space in their smartphones, and everything is provided with that instantly.

The Gojek clone solution can battle the pandemic by integrating several precautionary measures to stop the spread of the virus via the services offered. This is possible by subjecting the service personnel with a test to check for any signs of COVID-19 symptoms and a regular temperature check on an hourly basis. They have to upload regular selfies with face masks and gloves strictly worn at all case of the service providers, they are provided with a COVID-19 heatmap feature to find out the range and density of infected people who are in the vicinity where ever they are travelling to provide the services


On-demand service apps will continue to gain more popularity, and they are here to stay where the rate of adoption has upsurged greatly, and this trend will continue for a very long time. If you are interested, you can get such a super app developed by Uberdoo, which has the expertise in developing Gojek Clone apps for varying requirements. As a response to the COVID-19 situation, we have integrated every measure to tackle the virus, as mentioned in the article. We have integrated Authentication, Advanced Live Tracking, Recent Search Activity, a multitude of online payment options, an easy-to-use interface, and a customer care feature where the users can feed in their queries related to the services.

We offer our state-of-the-art technological marvel capable of offering over 50 different services at the most affordable pricing and visit to know more.

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