Insight Regarding Uber’s Venture Into Employee Performance Review Process

Liane Hornsey, a top ranking executive in Uber along with the brand itself was totally shocked with the controversies related to aggravations and other issues which rocked them to the core

She stated that that never before has she experienced such a situation relating to what an employee had to complain and protest about.

In relation to the outcry from Susan Fowler’s related to the issues, Uber has refurbished and revamped its performance- review procedure where the notable change associated with it was the exclusion of the employees ranking aspect.

Uber’s Operations and Logistics Manager Nicole Cuellar who was one of the many employees who took part in the brand’s brainstorming and think tank group related to revamping the performance review procedure which goes by an alternative name T3 B3 process. It is revealed as an innovative idea proposed by Mr. Travis the co founder and former CEO of Uber as noted by Cuellar. It provides detailed information on any employees top strengths and weaknesses the latter of which can be mitigated and weeded out.

Additionally added by Cuellar was that this was a thoroughly all-inclusive process where the pros and cons of the employee are listed out with relation to the background associated with the prevailing traditional values and standards.

Some of the aforementioned values as implemented by Uber include “Always Be Hustlin”, “Let Builders Build” and “Toe-Stepping” to name a few. Cuellar stated that the aspect of Hustling signifies the reliability, trustworthiness and the strides made by carrying out each task with additional effort. Related to being an owner signified that the tasks had to be carried out with great focus and attention, where the bombardment of several questions and queries when working are circumvented. The top ranking executives researched with respect to the related details and they noted their research and feedback in a system which analyzes and generates the scores based on a curve. According to Cuellar the process was carried out in top secrecy which was the major issue related to deciphering the solution regarding the new venture and system.

Based on what she noted in further, Uber is slowly understanding the concept that everything cannot be done in secrecy and it is a positive sign as all the ventures and things which are done in secrecy have not been very much effective for the ride hailing giant.

The establishment faced a turbulent ride for the previous half of the year where there were many issues that shook it to the core namely the outcry from Fowler, the dismissal of 20 employees related to the probing on the harassments which were associated with the previous U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s workplace, the unexpected and shocking news that Travis had to take a leave of absence and after that step down as the CEO. Also included were the lawsuits and court cases filed against the Ride hailing service giant. In order to distance itself from such controversies, the brand has to pay attention towards the user base and employees as a means of the brand to revamp itself and promote a fresh and innovative change which will benefit the brand.

Related to the traditional approach one of the main concerns which bothered the employees was the intuitive nature associated where some executives were able to profit and circumvent based on their prejudices. Formerly, the milestones and objectives were not inputted in the data base which prevented both the employees and the executives from being liable and answerable. However, now with inputting goals into the system can make the employees, managers and almost everyone hold others liable.

Featuring apart from implementing individual objectives related to performance, added is a brand new citizenship objective which is related to benefit someone who is a part of the company or an external person as well. To quote an instance it could be anything associated with working complimentary by aiding and supporting the colleagues, the driver base and the rider base. Execution analyzing will encompass all of the above henceforth.

The cultural aspects are subject to a major change with the help of this procedure as noted by Hornsey. Since the allegations and outbursts made against the company by Fowler, a research was made into effect among the Uber employees to decipher their perception of the performance scrutiny and enquiry. One-third of the employees took part in the analysis and the first 600 employees to be a part of the process were manipulated to design the templates associated with performance reviews. After the inception of the proposals by the related sectors, it was presented to the top ranking executives of Uber where in the beginning phase some of them were not pleased with the innovative changes. However, Hornsey was able to convince them by employing a ‘wisdom of the crowd’ principle and all the executives universally agreed to the same.

Related to some of them who wanted to dismiss the practice, it was perceived as being in opposition to their several years of service and prowess. The agreement was made into effect as it was important to analyze the needs of the employees.Lacking strong ratings and reviews, Uber’s campaign and raise procedure related to the same is going to vary intensely. It could take some considerable time for the executives as noted by Hornsey. It was due to the fact that the venture wont be that easy as related to the varying raises with the biggest one for the top ranking personnel and the minimal one for the bottom of the rankings.

To elucidate briefly, the brand is venturing into the manipulation of self- assessment, colleague assessment and that related to the executives as well which were all integrated with the tools and proper measures will be taken to gauge that the brand is impartial with respect to how it is associated with the increments she added.

This new venture related to performance review process was subject to inception shortly after Uber hiked the stipend associated with some of the employees and also ensured that there would be equal pay throughout the brand. Uber will take serious attention to ascertain that the working system is kept impartial, very fair and just.

Joining the picture at this precise moment is the supervision and review process. After joining Uber in June of this month, Frances Frei who is the new SVP of Leadership and Strategy related to Uber held meetings with 9000 employees of which a third were managers. The sessions were related to the objectives to be accomplished and the review process as well.

Frie disclosed about the brand new objectives and the system associated with reviews encompassing an aura of excitement related to bland subjects like performance ratings and reviews. On an incessant basis, she stressed and emphasized the key words like ambition and evolve as she navigated through her perceived proposal and future related to objectives and review process.

The main target was to develop incessant and effective interactions between the executives and the employees. If implemented perfectly, the managers will conduct frequent sessions with the employees related to the goals so as to get insight regarding the progress associated.She added that there are lots of potential related to inculcating the managers about their association with objectives and milestones.

Valued at a higher level more than goals was the feedback process. In some cases, Feedback is misinterpreted as judgment related to which galvanization had to be prepared. This is not the review process which she wants to implemented- rather than that she emphasizes the aspect of feedback related to enhancement which she labeled as a dream.

Her perception and ideology which she launched was that feedback is a process of enhancement. In the event that the person who is in the role of giving feedback and reviews does not focus on the employee improvement, then the former should not be involved in the review process. Stringent guidelines were to be implemented for that standard and there is no inconsistency regarding the same. She added that feedback process is futile if the person makes no efforts to enhance them.She categorized productive feedback into two groups for productivity namely Positive reinforcement and constructive motivation and guidance.The former is an important aspect related to progress and is the ace up the sleeve where the process has to be carried out incessantly but now insight regarding the same is provided as well.Coming to Constructive Advice it is a minor modification where the only pitfall associated with it is that it can unpredictably transform into a bad advice where the manager ends up doing something bad or even worse rather than doing something good.

Frei noted from her experience that she had seen some productive employees but some negative comments from some managers served to discourage them and result in their productivity spiraling down related to performance.

In a typical scenario, when generating a ratio between positive reinforcement and constructive feedback it could be gauged as 10:1. However, this factor is very big to be integrated by Uber and other such brands. It s due to the assumption that whenever a positive feedback is generated it is not the genuine feedback.

Frei stated that when getting such feedback, generated is an embarrassing situation as a consequence of which the people could discard it and lose the effective solution related to enhancement.

So as to promote and expand positive reinforcement, the people must get proper insight regarding the same. Care has to be ensured that the feedback must be genuine and specific. In the timeline at the end of every week, the managers should consider and gain insight regarding the same and everything is streamlined if the ratio is balanced at 5:1. In relation to implementing this with Uber, Frei amused people by telling that due to her perception and aura of charisma, it has been productive. She has ventured into this domain not for making the world a joyful place but mainly to incorporate progress and enhancement associated with Uber.

Apart from this upheaval related to performance review, Uber is on the lookout for an effective CEO. The rumors are talks are rife with the most current rumor stating that we could see the return of Travis Kalanick once more. He was forced to resign in late June after facing mounting pressures from investors asking him to quit. After the resignation, the brand has been managed by a group of 14 executives encompassing Frei and Hornsey as well.

Hornsey noted that there was no impact associated with Uber ever since Travis stepped down saying that there was not much variation but she stated that Uber will be presented with an advantage to progress forward by being considerably softer.

Hornsey was all hushed up regarding the people who could replace Travis, however, she disclosed that Uber is on the lookout for a candidate who has taken up the role of a CEO before and can promote Uber to the next level with the person’s guidance and presence. Irrespective of the fact whom Uber will select as the replacer for Travis, it is significant that the candidate should be in sync with Uber’s innovative approach of valuing the people at the forefront and provide the employees with the power to make good changes inside and outside Uber.