Insight about Uber Striving to Promote Safe Rides

Even as the ride-hailing services have enhanced the related technology in the past five years, emphasizing on the fact that rides can be generated that instantly, it’s ventures related to reassuring the safety of the riders has been futile.

In the midst of issues associated with the driver and rider-base, the brands at present have to come up with innovative proposals related to safety during the rides.

To quote an instance, Uber has collaborated with the bars in Delhi so as to ascertain that there are no drunken driving. Related to the same it has developed booking points as well. Further, Uber joined forces with the Delhi Police app- Himmat to ensure that the female population is not associated with any mishaps. Still Uber is progressing further regarding the same.

Apurva Dalal, who is the Head of Engineering in the brand states that steps are taken to make Uber rides safe by focusing on the aspects related to the safety of the driver base, the vehicles associated and most importantly the rides.

Uber notes that this venture is labeled as the 3 S related to Uber Safe drive. The vehicles and the smartphones of the driver base must be integrated with sensors so that insight about the driver’s pattern is provided. Next, is the aspect of driver selfies and the last one is the evaluation of all the rider reviews and how the driver’s conduct.

The focus was given to vehicle telematics so that the driving patterns could be comprehended where for instance the driver had to make an unexpected shift due to the state of the road or otherwise. It helps in aiding the driver’s learning skills he noted.

With the appointment of a new CEO, the brand is devoting its attention to safety and regarding the same, the Head of Central Operations from Uber India, Mr. Pradeep noted that the nation is associated with weekly 9.4 million rides and that presently the expansion of the business was associated with a 110% growth. This sees the demand the user base has with respect to a technology which is enhancing further.

A safe ride is what Uber considers apart from a good riding experience.

Pradeep emphasized that a secure ride related to the user’s and driver’s point of view will contribute to more innovative product and tech-driven attributes. Concurrently the driver gets to master the app with good training related to the conduct with the rider and comprehending the body languages.

In addition, there is another setting which can be manipulated in the case of the safety associated with the ride being in jeopardy and the authorities can act instantly.

The driver base can also provide the facts related to the ride without exposing the rider’s privacy and revealing details related to the drop-off and pick up points of the ride.

Further, to ascertain that the driver who comes for the pickup is the same person who was displayed in the app at the time of booking, real-time ID verification is implemented.

Also, steps are made to deactivate fraudulent accounts associated with the drivers. Related to the same the drivers will get a message through the app that their accounts have been disabled and that verification is required through logging in. The unverified accounts will be weeded out promoting a secure ride for the rider base.Apurva said that selfies are also conceptualized related to the same.

The majority of the ventures into which Uber is about to take the plunge is related to augmented security which is based on network and GPS connectivity. The latter could result in being an obstacle and to tackle that, the team is conceptualizing ideas to tackle the same.

Further, enhancements are done incessantly in Uber so as to come to a resolution for any technological issue and at present, the challenge ahead is for the ride-hailing giant to optimize the maps for the nation and mitigate the frequency of the calls associated between the driver and rider base.