Important components that constitute a powerful ride-hailing software application solution

Thanks to mobile applications, life has never been this simple and easy as before where there are apps for every type of need. Since their inception, apps have been used to purchase clothes, book tickets for flights, ships and buses. Everything is achieved in a few clicks of your smartphone, and everything is accomplished that instantly. Another area where mobile apps find great usefulness is in booking a safe and comfortable ride from a given point to a destination specified.


All the ride-hailing apps of present owe their existence thanks to Uber Technologies. It created such a positive impact across the world when we speak about taxi booking, ride-hailing and car-pooling. In fact, taxi app development is now a bustling business, and it has occupied a special position as a highly successful business. No matter what your vision might be, there can be a taxi app developed using the latest technologies.

We will now discuss the facts related to the development of a Uber Clone application.


Centralized Server System:

This helps in easily maintaining the taxi booking business with strong control over it. An advanced centralized server system can help in various ways like handling the power of global connectivity, managing the website activities and also in optimizing the functioning of the taxi booking app enterprise in a great way.

Everything must be made simplified and easy for the user when it comes to real-time searching and instant booking of cabs for service.


The potential of Geolocation:

When we speak about the taxi booking business, geolocation plays an integral role in enhancing the business functioning to the next level. When we add GPS and Google Maps into the picture, it serves to effectively carry out Geolocation based tracking that happens in real-time with the boundaries being the source/ Pickup point and the Drop-off/Destination point. It also helps in fetching the best routes, which are traffic-free and also the quickest in reaching the destinations.


Another way how this can be used to maximum benefit is by helping the riders and drivers to track the other person’s location right from the place where they are located. Everything is accomplished with relative ease via the smartphone and the ride-hailing app. Such real-time notifications will help both of them to stay in the closest proximity of the given pickup point.



Push Notifications and Payments:

The advancement in technology will make the ride very simple and comfortable for sure. It will also serve to boost the ride-hailing business as a very safe business. When a rider books for a taxi, they will be notified with an Estimated Time of Arrival at both the pickup and drop off locations. They will also be notified with an estimated fare for the ride in advance which will vary depending upon the distance to commute, the peak hours, the waiting times and lots more.


Besides, payment can be made via cash or by the most preferred option that is called Digital cashless Payment. The latter includes credit/debit card payments and Digital Wallets where they are featured in robust and very secure payment gateways that take care of instant payments for the ride via the mobile application.


An SOS button can also be added to alert the related people should there arise a situation where the rider or the driver is in jeopardy or a perilous condition during the ride.


Further, push notifications will serve to be effective in providing the real-time status of the riders when it comes to their booked ride. Getting notified in each phase during the booking of the ride, along with notifications related to the rides like welcome note, the beginning of the ride, ride ending, fare information and a thank you note will serve to enrichen the ride-hailing experience. This is because the notification happens instantly without any delay.



All the above-mentioned points will serve you effectively in developing an advanced ride-hailing app solution, but this will consume a lot of time and costs if beginning from scratch.

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