How you can bolster and optimize your Taxi business during the pandemic

The on-demand taxi and transportation industry is in one of its grim periods where a majority of the year was severely devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. So every taxi business is now wondering how to scale up their business functioning and profits.


Businesswire has revealed that the entire ride-hailing market of the planet will produce a profit summing up to $117.33 billion by the next year. However, the outbreak has reduced market growth by 2.1%.


This is the time for the taxi businesses to launch a ride-hailing app like an Uber clone Script that comes inbuilt with a lot of safety precautions. Such an app which provides excellent safety standards will succeed for sure.


This article will reveal what the best safety-related practices to be followed by taxi/cab industries amidst this still raging pandemic are. So let’s get started.


  • Limiting the passenger count

First, there is the practice called Social Distancing, and with that in mind, the passenger count can be limited to two or three riders. This will make everyone associated with the ride feel very safe.


  • Online checklist

For ascertaining robustness in safety, both the driver base and the rider base must mandatorily answer a questionnaire related to COVID-19 symptoms, and only those who are not affected by the disease can provide or access such services.


  • Face mask recognition inbuilt software

It is necessary to develop a ride-hailing app that has the power of Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the drivers can provide rides only when they regularly upload a snapshot of them wearing face masks at all times.


  • Ratings and reviews

The best way for a taxi business to progress is by resolving all the issues faced by those who avail the rides. The ride-hailing app must integrate a feedback section which will tell all information related to the safety practices followed by the drivers. With this review section, one can take action against those who flouted all the precautions associated with safety.



  • Feature to cancel rides

Should a rider or driver feel that the ride is unsafe, they should have the option of cancelling such rides with no cancellation fees involved.


That summed up some strategies related to a safety precaution fortified ride-hailing mobile application.


Now we will see some areas which you need to address if you want to sustain your ride-hailing business.


  • SaaS model

If there is some problem in aggregating multiple drivers, then the SaaS model will serve to be incredibly beneficial as the taxi agencies and public transport operators can be reached out effectively. For better income, the Saas model is the ideal solution in the present times.


  • Implementing a Global+Local approach

This is a smart move for taxi businesses to offer their services in given localities followed by broadening the range where services are provided. One has to begin from a given locality and spread out across various boundaries.


  • Giving priority to the satiation of drivers

Although a majority of the on-demand apps are customer-centric, it is also essential to see that the relationship with the drivers is also good. Integrating a feedback system for the drivers with the ride-hailing app is an innovative approach where the commission scale can be lowered in situations like the present. This way, the taxi businesses are guaranteed continuous sustainability and loyalty form the driver base.


  • Developing a User-Friendly Application


In the ride-hailing app, the UI/UX design must be simple yet enthralling to attract riders, and thus it must be implemented to tackle the intense competition. Thereby start to develop an interface that is very informative and very user-friendly as well.




Conclusion :

It was the rise of Uber which revolutionized the aspect of on-demand apps. Despite the gloomy times created by the pandemic, there are plenty of opportunities for ride-hailing apps to flourish much in the taxi industry.

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