How to strengthen your taxi business with a Uber clone solution

Seeing how Uber became a pioneer in the taxi booking domain, many enterprises have come up with their own customized Uber clones to serve various industrial areas and accomplish success similar to Uber.

Uber succeeded primarily because of the innovation in its services alongside the comfort and satiation it gave its customer base.

Should you as an entrepreneur look forward to making a mark in the Taxi Business Domain, then a feature-rich Uber clone solution that is highly integrated with GPS, Push Notifications etc. will serve you effectively.

Why opt for Uber clone solutions?

Building an app solution from the ground up is a time & cost consuming venture. If you opt for an Uber clone script, a lot of time and money is saved. Furthermore, with your working model as the base, your Uber clone can be integrated with innovative features not seen in the original Uber app.

The workflow of an Uber clone app solution:

  • Firstly, the customers opt for a ride by inputting the pickup and drop off points. Next, they choose an option related to the fare and the cab type.
  • The customer then confirms the pickup point
  • The app works to find drivers in the proximity of the user, and the driver can opt to accept/decline the drive request. Should the situation arise, the request is diverted to another driver if a driver already rejected it.
  • There are seamless and streamlined payment options like Credit/Debit cards, e-Wallets and PayPal accounts that are integrated to facilitate automatic payments for the ride once it gets over.
  • Ratings are generated so that based on the review fed, other customers can choose to opt or reject the particular driver


Let’s now speak about the features that are mandatory in an Uber clone app:

Everything in an Uber clone app must be achieved with relatively few clicks, and the result must be immense satisfaction from the ride for the customers. So, to optimize the comfort factor and satiate all the user-based expectations, there is a need for multiple features in the clone solution. This encompasses elements for the Rider, the Driver and the Admin.


(a)          Some important Rider features for better User Experience:

  • Easy Signup: The Riders must be able to register within the app via email or other social media logins.
  • Fare Estimator: This facilitates the automatic calculation of the fare for the ride by incorporating factors like the distance, the car type, the fuel prices, and the traffic included.
  • Ride Tracker: This allows the Rider to track the driver in real-time and it also gives info regarding the Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • Messaging/Calling: The Riders can use this feature to communicate with the driver, and this is applicable for the driver as well.
  • Travel History: To give enlightenment regarding the previous rides and payment transactions made.
  • Ride Cancellation: This is used to cancel a ride within a given timeframe.
  • Advanced Ride Scheduler: Riders can book a ride for a later time of their choosing.
  • Payment Splitter: In case of a shared ride, this feature will smartly split the fare among the travelling riders.
  • Booking for someone else: Here the passengers can use the app to book a ride for their family relations or friends.


(b)          Prominent Driver features in an Uber clone solution:

  • Driver Profile: This provides complete information regarding the driver along with the license details and car insurance details.
  • Availability Toggle: This can be toggled on/ off to denote the Driver’s Availability.
  • Smart Route Optimizer: Used as a way to find the shortest route that is the least chocked with traffic.
  • Analytics based Reports: Will give a wealth of information related to the trip-based earnings on a given time basis be it a week/month/day.
  • Push Notifications: To alert the drivers on the commencement/ end of a trip and other trip-related changes. Also, used in receiving trip order-based requests which can be accepted or rejected.
  • Waiting time calculator: Should the waiting time for the Rider exceed 5 minutes, the driver can charge the Rider.
  • Next Ride Acceptor: With this, the driver can accept another ride before the first one gets completed.


(c)           Admin based features in the Uber clone solution to completely manage the rider base, the drivers and everything in the system:

  • Booking Management
  • Call System Management
  • Vehicle Detail Management
  • Fare and Payroll Management
  • Customer and Driver Information Management
  • Ratings/ Reviews
  • Discounts and Promo Codes
  • Customer Support and Help



With such enlightenment provided related to the mandatory user-friendly features of a typical Uber clone app solution, you can now contemplate if you want to begin your highly successful ride-hailing business.

If interested, our team at Uberdoo can provide you with a highly customized and white labelled Uber clone solution that comes with all the features as mentioned above and more advanced ones like auto refunds, smart ride-share, localization, call masking etc.

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