How to optimize your Social Media apps for a successful business

The popular social networking platform, like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-in etc,  is the reason for people from across the world to embrace “travelling” as a leisure activity. Further, it also contributes to the fact that it has acted as an incentive for digital enterprises to regard the mobile application as an authentic business.


Dedication is a necessary aspect of every business functioning. Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, everything now is a great deal easy for clients to snap whatever pictures they like and pass them on to their friends.


Selfie is a trending fashion among the millennials, which is here to stay for several years. Speaking of the baby boomers, they are very much tempted and enthralled by it. Irrespective of the client persona, Social Media is optimizing its viewpoint consistently by getting the attention of clients from different age demographics.


By wielding the power of an Social Media, you have everything set to begin a business by yourself with the photo/video sharing mobile application. Right from the beginning of the mobile application development process, there is the need for a great deal of meticulous planning. What this says is that you should speed up before the release of your mobile application’s first version.


Below listed are some ideas on how you can develop the Instagram clone application of yours.


(a) Getting to know the audience:


It is a fundamental irrespective of the branding that is being offered by you. You might have developed the best Instagram solution unlike ever before, but it will end up futile if your targeted demographics pay no attention to it.


You should carefully work out who your targeted audience is, and also, you must contemplate who you want them to be. As you are making use of Instagram for branding purposes, give a thought whether they can be prospective buyers or if you can produce your picture anywhere.


When we speak of the tool, it provides some interesting facts in regards to the audience base that is in sync with your account. They encompass the likes of:



  • Impressions: The frequency with which your content was viewed.


  • The Reach: The overall sum of similar accounts that had a glimpse at the content.


  • The number of Website clicks: How many times the link in your business profile was clicked.


  • Follower stats: Measuring how consistent the followers of you are on Instagram daily.


  • Video View Stats: The frequency of views about your video content.


  • Saves Stats: The metrics related to the number of people who saved your posts.



(b) The usage of hashtags:


With Hashtags, you can classify and order your pictures/ video content to find them in a relatively easy manner. Hashtags are a simple method to make it easy for everyone to discover your content.


They vary from the nonexclusive where #love was the most commonly used hashtag beginning in 2017 to ones that are very much explicit. These hashtags are that popular on the Instagram app that they have become very mandatory. Therefore, for people to find your content, it is compulsory to use the power of hashtags.


Listed below are a few hashtag proven methodologies.


  • Giving great attention to five hashtags is far better than 25 irregular hashtags. Thereby don’t go overboard.


  • Refrain from the usage of overused tags. For instance, implementing #love within the same class won’t do any good.


  • Avoid spamming and make the hashtags very much relevant to the picture.




(c) Develop stunning visuals:


When it comes to social media networking, it is mandatory to post rich content consistently. It will help them to form a bond with your brand, and there is a higher probability of them coming back for even more.


It can also signify sharing connections, posts related to interesting articles and starting discussions. When we take the Instagram app, everything begins and concludes with pictures. After all, it was developed with the aspect of allowing everyone to share all their photos.


(d) Tell stories:


Should you be an Instagram client, then you would surely give a thought regarding Stories. It occupies the top slot of the follower’s feed and will provide them with an opportunity to view some posts consecutively from another client who is alike. It serves to be a boon for branders. Rather than revealing the entire message in a single picture, you can smartly string a few one of them to show a story.





That summed up the secret recipes on how you can optimize our Social Media clone app to become a flourishing business.

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