How to launch your own successful Food Delivery Business in no time

In the aftermath of the phenomenal success that the ride-hailing business called Uber achieved, one of the brains behind this enterprise, Kalanick wanted to achieve even further and make another strong impact. He and a partner called Droege tried a business where things could be delivered. They tried their luck, and it worked out only for food delivery. That paved the way for the conceptualization of UberEATS.


Originally the enterprise provided food delivery services in 4 cities where it collaborated with a thousand eateries in the proximity. Over time, now a significant number accounting to 40,000 eateries from across the globe, including small restaurants and established eateries are delivering their food through the platform of Uber EATS. Soon, the brand is all set to cross the milestone of having provided food that is worth $10 million by the year-end. It is a significant upsurge from the previous year when the sum was calculated to be $6 million.


Despite competition from GrubHub, which was ruling over the sector in 2016, now UberEATS has the upper hand thanks to the conceptualization of several innovative features last year. The rest is history.


The online food delivery service sector is flourishing and thriving at present, where approximately 60% of millennials request for food delivery every month. UberEATS is one of the platforms that is growing at an exponential rate across the globe thank to the innovation it features and the enthralling user experience it offers. Furthermore, there is a prospective future for new entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in the food ordering/delivery business sector.


As a prerequisite, you should research the present market when it comes to requirements and identify the target demographics whom you want to appease. To simplify your work and to achieve success instantly, you can opt for the purchase of an UberEATS clone solution. This saves the cost associated and will help a great deal in entering this business sector in the shortest time.


There are many reasons why you should contemplate embracing an UberEATS clone script over other competitors in the market that includes GrubHub. They are listed below:


100% customization:

Rather than draining your coffers and spending a lot of time in releasing your food ordering /delivery mobile application, you can decide for a clone app which is white labelled and comes with 100% customization. You have the liberty to fine-tune and implement features and interface that are about your needs and requirements.




Schedule for now or later:

Presently UberEATS has implemented a new feature making use of which the user base can schedule their food to be delivered at a later time. As the clone script comes with customization, integrating this feature will be hugely useful.


Personalized drop-off points:

Innovation and creativity is the key to enthralling people. If the option for users to select their desired drop-off locations is enabled, it will help very much in terms of flexibility. This feature will be integrated with the UberEATS clone solution.



This functionality follows a similar approach as in the case of the ride-hailing functionality that is associated with Uber. Integrating an order tracker will be useful in optimizing the user experience, and with that, the fame of the app will increase for sure.


Smart recommendations:

The mobile app must function based on the machine learning algorithm integrated within the clone where a given user’s favourite dish along with the delivery address and information related to previous orders are analysed to enrich the usability.



How can you generate revenue from an UberEATS clone?



Delivery fee:

On every food delivery, you will get a flat fee that will get credited. When we speak about UberEATS, it also includes the concept called surge pricing, especially during rush hours. Suppose you are new to this business refrain from implementing surge prices. Rather than that, increase the trust that your customers have in your app by getting food delivered with no additional or hidden fees.




It is another monetization strategy wherein the case of UberEATS, it gets credited with some amount by charging an additional fee for listing the eateries at the very top of the feed. It can be integrated for getting some revenue.



What is the cost involved in the development of an app like UberEATS?


Every mobile app development company will fix its price for your needs and requirements, and there is no concept of a ubiquitous cost. Typically speaking the cost varies based on the hours involved in the development phase. When you are venturing into getting an UberEATS clone developed, the entire app development cost along with the manual hours is less expensive. Other aspects need research including the likes of competition and finding the apt eatery partner which contribute towards the success of your business.




By now, you will be convinced in getting an UberEATS clone that is developed for the success of your food ordering/delivery business. If you are on the lookout for the best app development partner, you are more than welcome to avail the services of Uberdoo which features a cost-effective and robust UberEATS clone script that comes packed with innovative features.


Built with luxurious UI/UX design and coming with 100% customization, it is a white-labelled solution that has everything needed to start a successful food ordering/delivery business in no time.


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