Ethereum ICO Development – How to launch your ICO on Ethereum Platform

Develop and launch your ICO on Ethereum Platform

The ICOs, Initial Coin Offerings, are springing up day by day among the crypto businesses. ICOs are easy to handle and extremely lucrative. Also, they are not subject to any regulatory or legal framework, thus, making them the go-to option for upgrading your crypto business by raising funds.

Many of the ICOs are built on Ethereum blockchain technology which is a specialized platform for building smart contracts. Building ICO on Ethereum helps you make an effective currency option and platform which in turn attracts a lot of crypto investors and raises your capital.

Releasing cryptocurrencies in the form of a crypto token lets you raise funds exponentially without any forfeiting ownership. This makes ICO the safest and the most profitable investment. That’s the reason why ICOs are shining all over the crypto business and also a reasonable fact for you to launch your ICO as a business owner.

Although an already established process exists to create an ICO, some steps are to be followed with no compromise to achieve the best one can gain by launching an ICO. Let us dive into some of the merits you get from ICO and then get into the steps to be followed for your ICO Development.

Advantages of ICOs

ICO can benefit your business with its extensive available features. Once understood beginning with your coin and the ICO processes, it becomes fairly easy to pick up. Here’s what you leverage from choosing ICO.

  • Token Sale
  • Token Purchase
  • Barrier-free entry
  • Valuable features
  • Economic liquidity
  • Instant buy-in with no middlemen
  • An engaging business model with a heap of opportunities for investors

Steps to be Followed to Launch Your ICO

Having known the benefits that we gain from investing in ICOs, now let us see what goes into launching an ICO. Note that your ICO Development process must be simple, straightforward, and should ultimately focus and justify the idea of the selling point.

1. Pre-planning

This is to make sure that you are ready and committed to starting off with your ICO Development Company. The below-mentioned are what you should be doing before you start planning and executing your ICO.

Think It Through and Ideate the ICO You Want to Develop

To develop an ICO solution with features that the market currently needs, it is necessary to understand the market trends, spot your target audience, and know what the investors are exactly looking for. You need to ideate a way to integrate cryptocurrencies into your project in a meaningful way. 

It is better to create a thread, test-run your idea, and receive feedback in the initial stages than to change them after implementation.

Research Your Competitors

Every single ICO present in the market other than yours is your competition. So, get a wide knowledge of who your competitors are and what has made them best in their relevant businesses using ICO.

Find Out legal Side of ICO in Your Country

It is essential to learn how to align with the crypto regulations and keep paying attention to any possible future changes. Make your process ultimately transparent in how you are planning to handle investors’ money or assets. Taxes, spendings, fiat currency handling, cryptocurrency handling, and all other financial aspects must be thought out before you leave a leg in.

2. Planning

Now that you are ready to get into planning out your ICO Development with all necessary research in place, here are the core things you need to do to accomplish your ICO solution goals.

Create Your ICO Token

Sort out your ICO requirements and plans with a power-packed distribution plan. Then, outline how you wish to distribute your tokens as in the total number of tokens issuable, token limits, additional token issues, etc., Token creation is relatively easy and it becomes even easier when built on Ethereum. You can also create tokens with crowd sale logic customizations induced in them.

White Paper Creation

Create a technical document that describes your entire project and each plan and process you have followed for the same. Cover each and every aspect such as your project’s vision, development architecture and strategy, project goals, token and token distribution details, resources, advisors, team description, and others.

Launch a Website

You need to launch a website that includes the following,

  1. Main product page
  2. Crowd sale landing page
  3. Whitepaper section
  4. Team members
  5. Advisors
  6. Token allocations
  7. Distributors/investors
  8. Social media account links
  9. Roadmap – attach business whitepaper

3. ICO PR and Marketing

With all the pre-planning and planning done and dusted, the next step is to promote your ICO. Allocate a separate amount for marketing and take full advantage of paid advertisements. Put together your project position in the current market and frame relevant FAQs and terms.

When something is hyped around masses, people believe it to be an amazing opportunity. To leverage this as your key to a successful business, your marketing campaigns and strategies must be aggressive. Here are the marketing strategies that might help you keep your investors engaged.

  • Constant interaction with investors
  • Engage with cryptocurrency community and forums
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Bounty program

4. Launch an ICO

You have now reached the final stage successfully. After all the PR and marketing campaigns put in place, your project is ready to get delivered. Let us see what happens after an ICO campaign and how you get on your token exchanges.

After an ICO

This is the initial stage of your ICO launch. Having followed the roadmap and benefited from the raised funds, now is the time to continue with your end product development on a much larger scale. Your project now has not just funds but also the set morals and financial obligations that act as a strong foundation.

Get Your Token Out on Exchanges

This is the part where your dream to launch your ICO platform project and integrate it with the crypto community becomes true. Also, to be noted, your token must become a demandable asset, that is valued by the investors and gets listed under any cryptocurrency exchange. Prove your token’s worth in a way that the exchanges rush to list yours. Let us know what are the basic attributes to be added to your coin to get it listed in an exchange.

  1. Name of the coin
  2. Trading symbol
  3. Token description
  4. Logo
  5. Date of launch
  6. Reviewed source code
  7. Compliance fee


A creative and new approach to take your crypto business to a skyscraping level is to invest in ICOs. They are a perfect crowdfunding platform assuring huge returns from passionate crypto investors. The ease of ICO Development, sought-out methods to raise funds, no intervention of regulatory bodies or middlemen, the blockchain-tech bonded solution, and the global-level reach for ICO paves way for aligning the traditional investments, crypto market trends, and the blockchain technology in the same line.

To launch your ICO in the most profitable way possible, it is essential to partner with a development company that specializes in the same. Uberdoo provides you with one such ICO solution by understanding your business needs and developing for you an ICO with our best-in-class Ethereum ICO Development services. Get in touch with our experts and kick-start your ICO launch process soon!

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