How do I make an app like Zomato?

No one would resist delicious food that is cooked from restaurants. People are enthralled with restaurant foods, and they satiate their food cravings via different varieties of food that range from starters to the desserts. Alas! The present situation of the world reeling under the pandemic’s effects is not helping the food-gourmets and the restaurants.

The pandemic has altered the very landscape of the way how eateries typically function. Having no other options to keep afloat, most of the eateries have increasingly becoming inclined with the online domain to maintain their sales. This is where launching an online food delivery business like a Zomato clone solution will prove a win-win situation for both the restaurants and the customers.

As mentioned earlier, the food industry has been gravely affected by the pandemic. Thus, as a smart move, most eateries ally with popular food delivery app solutions like UberEats, Zomato and GrubHub. The present situation has made the restaurant business to understand how vital it is to go mobile app-friendly.

2 types of business models exist at present in the market place. One is the Single Restaurant business model where being an entrepreneur running a restaurant, and there might be a wish to develop an online presence related to the food delivery business. Another model is known as Chain Restaurants which as its name specifies is a collaboration of several restaurants encompassed in a single app solution.

Small restaurants have allied with the food delivery apps as it is the only way to sustain the business and keep it afloat. In this way, the food delivery business will be very beneficial for both the restaurants and the user base.

Smartphones are seen as the numerouno platform for online food delivery services, as people prefer to order food via smartphones instead of websites. This inclination towards smartphone usage has helped food delivery business to prosper successfully. This has led to a rise in the development of mobile apps for food delivery.

This article will give insight on a properly functioning food delivery app, its prime features and how exactly it functions.

Zomato clone – The best platform for the best food delivery business.

The Zomato clone script developed by Uberdoo is the top food delivery app clone script that comes packed with tons of rich features, all aiming to add a rich experience to the process of food ordering/delivery.


Best features of the Zomato clone solution:

(i) Speedy On boarding:

Users will be able to speedily access the apps post input of important details like name, email ID, contact number and location.

(ii) Location-based eateries:

The app will display eateries in the user’s proximity based on the location, which the user keys in.

(iii) Advanced Search Bar:

All required is the input of food items or desired cuisines in the search field, which will smartly provide the best suggestions.

(iv) Scheduling food orders:

The app users have the flexibility to select the time when the food orders have to get delivered using this on-demand delivery service.

(v) Order Tracker:

With this wonderful feature the user is kept notified regarding the order from the moment it is confirmed until it gets delivered to the location that is specified

(vi) Order Summary:

This will contain a list of the previous food orders made using the app including details like food item name, the delivery timings, the delivery personnel name and the mode of payment.

(vii) Driver Profile:

The delivery personnel will input his/her details needed for making use of the app.

(viii) Status toggler:

The delivery personnel can toggle his status from available to unavailable based on which the admin will map the order request.

(ix) GPS integrated navigation:

With this feature synced with Google Maps, the delivery personnel will get to know the shortest or traffic-free route to reach the user’s location.

(x) Admin Dashboard:

With this robust panel, the admin can carry out all activities using the dashboard.

(xi) Loyalty Program:

The admin will structure the loyalty program that encompasses the user base’s referral bonus and the joining bonus.

(xii) Analytics:

This will enlighten the users’ behavioural pattern, including their preferences. This will serve to optimize the services greatly.

How things work:

The user base will be able to access the app post-registration and, the users can speed up things by using the social media login option. Post access, they can choose the restaurant and select their desired dishes. The users will then add their food items to the cart and make payment through online means. The app will then assign the order to the restaurant chosen by the user. Next, the restaurant manager will begin processing the order and then assign it to given delivery personnel. Using the in-app map, the delivery personnel will reach the user’s location for delivering the order. The user can then rate their food ordering experience on a scale from one to five and share their feedback.


The main objective behind writing this article was to tell how the app can be used as the best solution to help both the restaurants and the hungry customers accomplish their needs amidst the pandemic that has severely affected the business.

At Uberdoo, we have expertise in creating Zomato clone apps that are while labelled, packed with amazing features and feature a processing engine that can handle several orders at a time.

If interested in getting such an app developed for your business, visit us at to set an appointment where we can discuss and start things off with a free quote.

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