How An Instacart Clone App Will Optimize The Grocery Business In This Time Of The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused such a global recession where several industrial sectors have shut down. It is indeed a grim period where it is very challenging to sustain one’s business and keep it afloat.

Grocery items are in demand, but the lockdown has forced people to stay confined to their homes, and they cannot purchase such essentials by visiting the shops/ markets.

It leads to negative consequences; namely poor sales and the shops are disposing of the grocery items in bulk as they go bad over time as no one is buying them.


Furthermore, nowadays, the typical person buys the essentials from small scale vendors who sell such essentials in the streets. It is because people don’t want to take the risk of the contagion by going to shops/market. Still, there is the fear of getting the virus contracted via the vendors, as mentioned earlier.

So in this scenario, there is no doubt that people will opt for a service that will deliver groceries at their doorsteps safely – Enter grocery delivery apps. Rather than opting for developing a grocery delivery app from scratch, one can go for an economical Instacart clone  solution, and that is precisely what several entrepreneurs are doing to optimize their businesses.


So how exactly does this Instacart clone app function?


1) The users register with their mobile number before creating a profile where all the needed information and location details are mentioned.

2) The users can search for the required grocery items from nearby shops and add those essentials to the cart in the app.

3) Then payment can be made by a plethora of options like a credit card/ debit card or UPI Payment.

4) The grocery shop gets the order, and the items are packed before the delivery personnel arrives to pick up and deliver the items to the user with the power of GPS.


With that said, there are some smart add-ons in the Instagram clone app, which prove beneficial in this pandemic time.


(i) The delivery personnel leave the items at the customer doorsteps, and there is no contact between the customer and the delivery personnel.


(ii) The customer base gets notified regarding how the packaging is done by keeping in mind all the safety norms. The grocery staff will undergo regular temperature check before the items are packed, and the customers get enlightened on how to disinfect the surfaces of the packages, and the handle covers included.


(iii) The delivery personnel likewise undergo temperature checks before the order pick-up. They wear masks and gloves and will mandatorily have to upload a selfie which ascertains that they wear everything from the PPE kit.


(iv) The customer base can reward safety badges via the app to the grocery stores, which they think comply with all the safety standards and precautions. It will increase the reliability of the stores in some other customer’s perspective when it comes to safety.


(v) The customers can rate and provide feedback on the delivery process related to the safety norms that have been followed. With the input, the grocery stores can optimize their delivery process.


Let us now speak on some essential features integrated with the admin panel to take care of the business effectively.


1) Robust admin panel


The admin can make use of the panel to manage the customers, the delivery personnel and the shops. The admin can also get the info related to the present order and the previous orders included. Thus, the admin can access every business operation that takes place thanks to the admin panel.



2) Reports / Analytics


Here the admin can get reports related to the business functioning that will provide a great deal of enlightenment on the entire process. With the received customer-based analytics, the sales get optimized by a great deal. Also, provided is an overview related to the profits and revenue accomplished so far.


3) Customer Notifications


The admin can notify the customer base related to offers/discounts by updating them on the dashboard. Notifications about stock-up of their preferred shops are also provided.


4) Customer support


There is the integration of customer support, where their ratings/feedback are inputted and analysed to eliminate any discrepancies in the delivery process.





A lot of entrepreneurs are now more and more inclined with grocery delivery business, seeing that it is very beneficial and essential, particularly during this pandemic. If one develops a robust grocery delivery app and appease the customers, the business will grow, and obtained are huge profits.


We at Uberdoo can develop a cost-efficient and advanced Instacart clone app solution based on the requirements of yours in a short period. If you are interested in knowing more, contact us at.

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