Gauging the success of on-demand apps during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown no signs of leaving for two months now. People are not allowed to leave their homes in this lockdown period. However, advancement in technology has allowed services to reach people’s front doors. With that said, on-demand apps are no doubt the key player in a massive surge of doorstep-oriented services as people feel comfortable using them.

Here are some facts

  • The Unicommerce software revealed that the on-demand app-related orders witnessed a growth of 70 to 80%
  • Due to the panic buying, the order quantity likewise saw a growth which was by 15 to 20%.
  • Based on what FoodBoss had to reveal-When evaluated with the data from the first week of February, the food industry-oriented demand saw growth up to 16.3%
  • Amazon is preparing to hire 100,000 workers and speaking of Walmart; it is requesting 150,000 workers to take care of the demand stemming from on-demand services.


Now, let’s have a detailed look at the surge of various industries amid this pandemic.


Instant Food delivery applications


Online food ordering/ delivery is always in hot demand in the market. At present, it is impossible for people confined within their homes to access their favourite eateries. But food delivery services can still cater to the hunger pangs of the gourmets. ‘Contactless’ delivery methods will help in the prevention of the infection from spreading to others. Speaking of food delivery apps like UberEats, FoodBoss etc. they have been successful in catering to the needs of users and thereby have witnessed an enormous surge in terms of demand.


In these apps, several payment gateways eliminate the need for physical contact with the delivery professional. The lockdown period can very well be the best time for you to start a food delivery service business that is very productive in terms of profitability.


Our team at Uberdoo will help you in developing a highly customizable UberEats clone app that will prove immensely beneficial for you.


The world of online Grocery shopping


Thanks to the advent of advanced technology, your grocery shopping can be seamlessly carried out with relatively few taps of your smartphone. In this Coronavirus lockdown period, Grocery Apps like Instacart and Walmart are reigning supreme. When speaking about the downloads, Instacart has seen a surge by 218% and Walmart has seen an increase of 160%.

Both these apps have started to hire delivery professionals to carry out instant grocery deliveries right to the doorsteps of the app users.


If you want to develop your very own grocery shopping app, make sure to maintain supply chains and don’t forget to stock everything once more. This will ensure that you will survive successfully.


Uberdoo can get for you an app developed like say an Instacart clone immediately based on your business requirements.


Carrying out Doctor consultation with the help of on-demand apps


The Coronavirus pandemic has struck fear in the heart of every person. With medicinal institutes already overwhelmed with all types of cases, people are afraid of contracting the disease, and they stay confined within their homes.

Amwell is an online healthcare platform. It has seen an appointment surge of 650% in the state of Washington post the arrival of the Coronavirus. Speaking of another platform Practo, it has also revealed that its inquiries saw a rise by 30% post the pandemic arrival.


Thanks to the power of on-demand doctor consultation, healthcare-oriented services are offered even in the most remote parts of the world. This has proven effective for the already busy doctor base. The doctors send online-based prescriptions. Furthermore, online pharmacy delivery apps have also started to show their dominance. This has further revolutionized the online healthcare platform and has made it very strong. People can consult doctors online and get a prescription which is forwarded to a pharmacy delivery app, and finally, the medicines are delivered right at the patient’s doorsteps.


With the potential that an online consultation app has, you can provide online doctor consultations to millions of people who are trapped within their homes due to the virus.

Please make use of Uberdoo to develop your very own Practo Clone application that comes packed with all the needed and sophisticated features.



Get medicines ordered and delivered via the power of On-demand apps.


In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic across the globe, people can’t indulge in any daily day to day activities and speaking of people on medication they need medicines for them to survive. In such a period of crisis, they can rely on on-demand medicine delivery applications where a single tap on their smartphones can get medicines right to their doorsteps.


Some medicine pharmacies, including the likes of CVS Health, have already begun hiring 50,000 employees to take care of all their demands. All the users have to do is upload their prescriptions and wait until the pharmacy approves the request. Soon the medicines will reach the people’s doorsteps. With the pandemic showing no signs of subsiding, the boom of online medicine delivery apps will be here to stay.


The Uberdoo team will provide all the support for your enterprise to develop a pharmacy delivery application, and you will soon be ruling at the very top of this market domain.


On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App


People cannot leave their homes during the quarantine period. Liquor bars are running empty, and appeasing people craving for alcohol, on-demand alcohol delivery apps act as the saviour.


Drizly, one such app had seen orders surge by 450% within three days. The entire sales in Brooklyn grew by a value of 750% within the same timeframe. These statistics show the ever-increasing demand for these liquor delivery apps. People find it suitable to order alcohol online and get it delivered to them in this time of Corona. This is a highly profitable market, indeed.


Uberdoo can provide exceptional technical services to you when it comes to the development of an on-demand alcohol delivery application.


The All-encompassing Multi-services App

It is indeed a problematic approach to navigate across different applications for different types of services. The solution to this dilemma is the concept we call multi-services app where users can avail various services based on their requirements. Prominent names in this trillion-dollar market are Uber for X and Gojek. This concept is indeed immensely beneficial for the user base. The revenue generated by this market is astronomical, and several services including the likes of transportation, healthcare and food delivery are encompassed for usage within a single application.

Uberdoo’s very own robust and 100% customizable Gojek Clone App is an all-encompassing solution for all types of services.


Currently, with a lot of people enthralled by on-demand apps, this has seen a vast surge due to the pandemic acting as a catalyst. This, in turn, will lead to more revenue generation for the on-demand market. Now is the right time to capitalize on this buzzing trend. It is a win-win strategy as both the entrepreneurs and the end-users are immensely benefitted.


To know more about us and to start the beginning of a long-term successful business relationship, visit us at immediately.


Author Bio:


Prawin Chandru is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Canadian based enterprise Uberdoo. The company is known primarily for developing robust on-demand delivery applications catering to varying business requirements and needs.


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