Food Delivery Application Trends In India For 2019


Subscription plans offering additional services is slowly becoming common among the different applications.  Over here they provide the features like delivery fee rebates, priority service, seasonal discounts, exclusive offers, and much more. This service is also supported and targeted towards users who frequently use the platform. Despite a large number of internet users in the country, food delivery applications have penetrated a fraction in the market. According to the proper consumer, only 12% of Indian smartphone users have the Zomato app installed while Swiggy is at 10%.  Different businesses are devising strategies to overcome this hurdle by including a host of promotional activities. For instance, during  2018 general assembly elections in the country, Zomato organized a prediction contest that translated into better discounts. Similar campaigns were seen during the entirety of the recently concluded cricket world cup. There is a steady rise in the number of food delivery apps catering to a specific regional market. Moreover, the trend of restaurants releasing their own standalone apps is also witnessing a spike. This not only creates a parallel market but also offers customers a wider range of options. Different companies in the sector have also begun taking an active interest in the well-being of their delivery executives. They are now offering better salary packages and incentives. This has helped to create a positive impact. Likewise, different initiatives have been organized to instil pride and safety into this line of occupation. Apart from these factors, food delivery applications are also taking steps to introduce better security protocols to protect user data. With experts predicting bullish growth rates for this industry, it poses a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs. They offer one of the premium services in UberEats clone development that are completely white-label and customizable. Their solutions are packed with features that help a startup enter the market and to make an impact in no time.