Detailing the end-users expectations from a typical UberEats mobile application

COVID-19 has plagued the entire world by infecting every corner of the world. It is indeed tough times for businesses to function or rather stay afloat in this particular timeline where infections are rising, and lockdowns are being imposed in several nations. But one business domain that is functioning well enough, particularly during these gloomy times is the food ordering / delivering industry.


Speaking of the food industry, it is one of the biggest industries when we take income, employment and consumer base into account. With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, one can join the world of online food ordering business and enjoy phenomenal success when it comes to prosperity and income.

That, in other words, says that having a food ordering/ delivery mobile app solution is the best move for a business which is promising and very lucrative as well. This involves satiating the expectations of every customers, food cravers, gourmets and foodies.

For that, you have to be prepared to satiate the expectations and needs of the consumer base. This involves seamlessly processing every order and delivering them in minimal time possible. But what exactly are their requirements and needs?


  1. They want to accomplish everything with relative ease

In your food delivery app solution, ensure that the end-users can easily browse through the menu items and place orders before making payments. Everything from selecting the food dishes and payments for the orders must be carried out smoothly. And most importantly, the orders should be delivered right on time.

If their expectations are satiated, they will do the rest in marketing where they spread the word regarding your app through what is called word of mouth. Apart from that, they share everything regarding the quality of the food via text and images in a very enticing manner.


  1. Speedy Processing and Services

What is more enchanting than tasting your favourite ordered food that is hot and tasty from the comfort of your homes? This is amplified when both hunger and craving increases. The satiation is boundless.

A food delivery app solution that loads at a speedy pace will establish a connection with the backend system and will provide all that is needed by the user. After the order request is received, the chefs and the delivery executives will also have to speed up things so that it creates a good impact when we speak about customer retention and building your customer base.


This implies to identify all the present hurdles and layout plans to eliminate them. You must ensure everything is ready for the future.


  1. Monitoring the Delivery Status

The food ordering/delivery mobile application ought to come with a delivery tracker so that the hungry customers are constantly notified regarding the status of the orders. Ascertain that your food ordering app has zero glitches and that it never throws any error when it comes to providing real-time notifications. It should also tell the Estimated Time of Arrival for the order to reach the doorsteps of your user.


  1. Carrying out things that enthral the user base of yours

Personalization and innovation is the key to providing something different and unique.

You should take into account how the users are using your app, what are their favourite orders, the preferred payment option and the delivery locations as well.  All this information should be then processed for analysis so that you can scale the food delivery app to match and exceed the expectations of your user base.


  1. Paying attention to the Customers

Keep in mind to collect the consumer’s feedback; be it positive or negative. As a wise move, you have to take even the most criticising feedback and make the changes accordingly. Do a detailed analysis so that everything from the food quality to the delivery time is optimized tenfold. If the problem is a technical one, it has to be brought to the attention of the mobile app developer who developed the solution for you. Doing all this will ensure that the user satiation and expectations are completely met with and that the customers are delighted.


  1. Integrating safety norms and standards

As the pandemic is still ravaging the world, you must gain the trust of the customers by implementing a lot of safety protocols to be abided by the delivery executives. This includes a smart mask recognition software, compulsory periodic temperature checks. Other rules include following the practice of wearing gloves, maintaining social distancing and most importantly, zero contact deliveries. Take the feedback from users if in case the delivery executives failed to follow any one of the norms and take immediate action.


This way, you are ensuring that you are prioritizing the safety of both the end-users and the delivery executives.




Nothing can beat the advantages of a robust food delivery app solution and at present carrying out an online food delivery business is seen as the most profitable and demanded business unlike ever before, because there is such a huge demand for getting food delivered safely amidst the pandemic. It can create a lot of job opportunities and boost the sales /revenues of your business tenfold.

To get such a mobile app developed, you have to approach a reliable mobile app development company that has expertise in creating a robust software solution.

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The UberEats clone solution has been developed carefully, keeping in mind all the needs of the customer base and the safety norms to battle the highly infectious coronavirus. As a software solution, it is highly scalable and greatly customizable to develop the food delivery app that perfectly matches your needs and requirements at a very economical price.

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