Custom Food Delivery App Development vs Ubereats Clone

Food Delivery App Development

Owing to the sound ROI, the food delivery market is termed to be the “evergreen” business sector. This has become a vastly expanding segment because of the never-ending demands and the huge attention from people all over the world. Especially after the advent of food delivery apps such as UberEats, the food industry is having various advancements.

In order to shine in the food delivery business, it is essential to go beyond demands rather than meet demands. Because the expectations are growing day-by-day and so is the online food delivery industry. With all of these underpinned, let us know what are the factors that have to be considered while building a food delivery app, which is the best way to do so, what are the features to be added, and other elements.

Different Ways of Building Food Delivery Application

With the world turning to an on-demand lifestyle, now we know how important the online food delivery sector is and how profitable your business can become. The next step is to develop a food delivery application suiting your business needs and market needs. The question is how? To launch your food delivery application in the market, there are two ways which are as follows,

1. Development from the ground – Custom Food Delivery App Development

This type of development is developing a food delivery application right from scratch where each and every particle of the application including all the features and functionalities must be designed and developed from the beginning. 

2. Customized clone applications – Get your own UberEats Clone

Another way is developing on-demand clone applications on top of which the business-specific customizations can be added and modified accordingly. And to be more precise, it is a great idea to go with UberEats Clone considering the phenomenal popularity and usage of the base app “UberEats”.

Uberdoo has industry-level expertise in developing UberEats Clone app solutions with plenty of useful and expandable features and components that can be modified in the future according to varying needs. Instead of relying on custom app development and building every nook and corner of the platform, it is better to opt for our UberEats Clone which is ready-to-launch anytime, anywhere. Let us have a look at the other parameters that support the fact that our Ubereats clone script is the right choice for your online food delivery business.

Do You Really Need a Custom Food Delivery App Development?

Custom food delivery app development is required in a world where there is no evolution in creating apps just with little modifications i.e., clone apps. As we all know, clone app development is getting a major facelift because of the growing advancements in technology. The same is the reason why we don’t need custom food delivery app development anymore.

Firstly, whether it is people or business, all of us are in a quick run. No one wants to wait longer. This can definitely not be satisfied by custom applications. On the other hand, clone app development can make it possible by greatly reducing the time-to-market.

Secondly, if there are no applications in the market that satisfy the business needs and the market needs with quality services, there will definitely be a huge demand for custom app development but it is on the contrary at present.

Finally, when an existing model satisfying the market trends can be customized on top of it according to business needs thereby lowering both time and cost, custom app development would not be taken into consideration at all.

Why Choose UberEats Clone Over Custom Food Delivery App Development?

To venture into the food industry, UberEats Clone should be chosen over custom food delivery app development, and here’s why we suggest the same.


The development cost of UberEats Clone is way more affordable compared to custom app development. Because in the case of custom apps, since every feature has to be built from scratch, the development time taken is plenty, the features to be included are many, and so the cost of development is also huge. Whereas in the case of clone app development, all these issues are rectified due to the readymade nature of the solution. All we have to do is add the necessary customizations.

Reduced Time-to-market

As discussed above, for a custom food delivery app development the time taken could be more than 3-4 months. Whereas our UberEats clone application can be deployed in a matter of days by just imparting the required customizations specific to your business.

Market Sustainability

To sustain in the competitive food delivery market, you need an application that fulfills all the latest trends. Building one from scratch needs extensive groundwork. Whereas with UberEats Clone, the task becomes extremely easy. Our seasoned expert team does the job for you letting you focus on other major areas.

Readymade UI/UX

Our UberEats Clone is readily available with already designed landing pages for the application. If needed we can make business-oriented changes to the interface which is still as easy as a pie in contrast to custom app UI development.

Essential Feature-set in UberEats Clone

Our on-demand UberEats Clone app solution has the ability to boost your online restaurant business by inducing it with top-notch features of UberEats and other add-ons according to your business needs. Here are the common functionalities we inculcate in our clone solution for different user ends.

1. User Application

  • Social Login – Log in using existing social media credentials.
  • Instant Search – Search based on advanced filtrations. 
  • Real-Time Tracking – Orders can be live tracked.
  • Order Takeaway – Order food online and pick it themselves.
  • Discount and Deals – Avail extra offers using promo codes.
  • Crypto Wallet – Allows wallet payments.
  • Payment Gateway – Multiple payment modes integration.
  • Rate and Review – Review and rate the food delivery service.

2. Delivery Executive Application

  • Delivery information – Detailed information about the received request.
  • In-App Chat –  In-app feature to clarify order-related queries.
  • Agent’s Availability – To indicate delivery agent’s availability.
  • Profile Updation – Add or modify agent’s details.
  • Earnings – View and manage profited earnings.
  • Deactivate Profile – Profile can be deactivated using this feature.

3. Restaurant Admin Panel

  • Order Dashboard – To view and manage orders received.
  • Profile Updation – Update restaurant information.
  • Menu Management – Manage food menu and prices.
  • Review Management – View customer reviews.
  • Promo code Management – Add promo codes to improve customer engagement.
  • Customer Details – Retrieve customer information.
  • Earnings – View and manage earned commissions.
  • Request Delivery Agent – Automate or send manual delivery requests to delivery agents.

4. Business Admin Panel

  • Restaurant Manager – Add and manage restaurants’ details.
  • Customer Manager – Access associated customers’ details.
  • Menu Manager – View and modify menu listings of restaurants.
  • Order Manager – Check the ongoing, completed, and canceled order statuses.
  • Discount Manager – Create new discounts on top of store-provided promo codes.
  • Notification Manager – Manage notifications sent to stores and customers.
  • Review Manager – Maintain app and food delivery service standards by taking the customer reviews under consideration.

5. Safety Add-ons

  • Contact-free Delivery – Receive contactless food delivery by opting for this option.
  • Delivered Order Photo Sharing – Contact-free order delivery can be confirmed through delivery pictures sent to the customer.
  • Safety Protocol Recognition – To ensure safety, the agent must confirm through the app whether he has his masks and gloves on.
  • Safety Badges – Well-equipped and safe restaurants are safety badged to indicate to customers that it is a safe store to buy food.                     
  • Safety Ratings and Reviews – Safety protocol-related reviews about the delivery agent can be given by the customer.

Advantages of Using UberEats Clone

The below-mentioned are the key advantages you get from holding our UberEats Clone solution.

  • Ready-to-launch
  • Eye-catching UI
  • Unlimited listing
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Easy user management
  • 100% white label scripts
  • Cross-platform compliant
  • Reliable features and panels
  • Multiple payment gateways

Uberdoo – Your Go-to Option

Uberdoo upholds years of experience in developing on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats with industry-best and skilled development teams who are reputed in building UberEats Clone for various platforms. Our readymade clone solutions are quickly customizable in accordance with your business goals and brand. To get hold of our qualitative clone development services, connect with our expert team and share your UberEats clone requirements soon!

Wrap Up

The demand for food and food delivery applications is on the increase. This is the major reason for the success of so many new entrants in the food delivery application space. 

With our UberEats Clone, you can have in hand your tailor-made food delivery solution built on top of the UberEats-like application in very little time, unlike fully customized food delivery app development which takes a lot of time for features that already are readily available. If you are planning to develop a food delivery marketplace that connects all the stakeholders, then contact us right away and get started with your UberEats-like food delivery app development.

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