Crucial elements to be considered for a successful on-demand food delivery app like Uber Eats

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything drastically. Customers want to stay safe, at the same time get what they require at their doorsteps. Now, the on-demand food delivery apps are seeing a boom. In your role of an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to develop a powerful food delivery app, you will gain inspiration from giants like UberEats or Swiggy. To keep you on the right track, we focus on the pivotal elements in on-demand food delivery app.


Data is the vital part of the food delivery app. To get the best user experience, provide details about not only different restaurants but also the ingredients used, delivery time, nutritional details etc. These details can be conveniently accessed through the mobile phone. The restaurant can update it regularly.

Online payment facility

We generally prefer to pay online compared to giving cash on delivery. This is a convenient method because there is no need to think about cash at the time of delivery. In order to enhance the process, the food delivery app must have online payment integration.

Food delivery tracking

The user wants to keep track of the food delivery and ensure that it comes in the right time and is also served hot. You can add the functionality of the approximate delivery time that can have positive psychological impact on the customers. The technology has so advanced that you needn’t worry about including the estimated delivery time in the appropriate manner.

Customer is the king always

There is no doubt that the services should satisfy the needs of the customers in a diligent manner. Then only they will return to your services. You will also have to carry out sufficient market research to know about the present trends and study the mindset of customers.

Provide seamless user experience

First come out with a good plan and then start working on the app. The ideal UX experience should basically focus on customer loyalty. The design and images should catch the attention of every customer and should not be gaudy.

App testing

We cannot underestimate the importance of app testing. When the app is developed, you have to diligently correct the technical flaws before introducing the app in the market. Ensure that the app is error-free and there is no room for negative feedback.

Now that we have seen the crucial elements in developing an on-demand food delivery app as Uber Eats, lets see the precautions to be taken during the pandemic:

It is natural that most of us have questions about the safety of online food delivery during the pandemic.

  • Don’t forget to insist you customers to pay online. For this, you have to ascertain that there is an option for digital payment.
  • Before ordering food, ask all the important questions. Research about the delivery company and you can check with the customer service to know about the food standards. It is also best to know about the cooking temperature.
  • Make sure that the delivery persons comply with no-contact delivery. The delivery agent can leave the food order at the door and call the customer to inform about the same.
  • Appropriate behavior like sanitization and gloves should be followed by the drivers. They are also the backbone of your business and their safety should not be considered trivial.

What is the cost to make a food delivery app?

Now we have come to the question that would be running behind your mind for a long time. The cost of the on-demand food delivery app depends on the features that you want to include in your app. Sometimes it will take time to integrate some complex features in the app. The hourly rate of the developer is the one point that you need to consider. Generally, you can apply the following formula for coming up with the cost:

Development time x cost per hour of the developer = Overall app development cost

Take-home message

You should have a clear-cut idea about your business demands and requirements to launch your food delivery app. This will go a long way in helping you shine in the competition. There are several technologies that you can add to your UberEats Clone app development to accelerate the process and reduce cost.