A Detailed Analysis of the Functions & Cost of Uber for Handyman Apps

On-demand service applications, with Uber being the prime exemplar, have become an integral part of our daily lives. Nowadays, there is not enough time to focus on typical routines like housekeeping. This has fueled the popularity of on-demand service apps, especially Uber for Handyman apps. 

For a start, on-demand service apps are nothing but platforms that connect customers who are extremely time-sensitive with what are termed service provider businesses. The apps help both the customers and the businesses to quickly and seamlessly reach out to one another and end with the fulfillment of a given service request.

Such apps are tailor-made for customers who require instant access to such different types of services. In addition, customers can be confident about the quality of service and also the convenience and trustworthiness of the service providers. We, at Uberdoo, a leading clone app development company, develop quality apps with customer satisfaction as the primary objective. 

Marketing Statistics Related to Uber for Handyman Apps

We will now see some interesting facts regarding how on-demand services are reigning supreme and amassing huge revenues at present. It will also show why getting a Handyman app like Uber is the right choice if you are interested in stepping into an on-demand multi-service business.

  • In 2021, the total number of applications downloaded is estimated to be an astronomical 230 billion.
  • The total value of global consumer spending on mobile apps for the third quarter of 2021 is projected to be $34 billion.
  • E-commerce mobile applications-related global revenue has reached a whopping $3.5 trillion, and the US alone accounted for $380 billion
  • In 2022, the market size of Handyman services for the US is forecasted to be $4.5 billion.
  • Research has revealed that by 2025, the on-demand service economy will reach an amazing $335 billion. 
  • US consumers are spending $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy which accounts for 22.4 million users every year.

When compared with the total economy, the US market size related to the Handyman service domain is steady. As an on-demand multi-service business owner, you would be interested in getting such an app to optimize your business. Consider getting Handyman app development services from a reliable company like Uberdoo.

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Now that we have seen how profitable this Handyman app like uber business is, let us look at how they function.

How Do Uber For Handyman Apps Operate From a Customer Perspective?

Now, we will see an overview of how a Handyman app operates right from the moment the customer takes the smartphone to request an on-demand service via the application until the service gets completed.

Step 1: Requesting for Service

The app allows the customer to request on-demand Handyman services from providers such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, packers, and movers. They will be provided with an all-encompassing list of such providers, with ratings and prices that are based on their expertise and user satisfaction. When the customer request is generated, a service provider is finalized shortly. A bill estimate for the service will be provided to the customer via the app. This estimate is determined by the hourly rate, the expertise of the provider, and the distance that has to be covered to arrive at the customer’s location.

Step 2: Commencement of the Service

After the service provider has accepted the job, he/she will arrive at the location of the user with everything required to carry out the service. Before the service commences, the time will be set and started in the app.

Step 3: Conclusion of the Service

After the service is offered, the timer stops, and the total bill will be shared with the user. Everything is accomplished in a smooth and fast manner.

Step 4: Rating the Service

After everything is taken care of, the end-user can rate the service and provide valuable feedback for the same. This plays an important role in determining the reputation of the service provider when it comes to working.

Advanced Features to be Considered by Entrepreneurs and Startups When Dealing With Handyman App Development

Developing a successful Handyman app requires innovative approaches and, as an entrepreneur, you must add new and special features to capture the attention of all those who want to try out your app. Uberdoo has developed some immensely useful features, like the ones mentioned below.

  • Finding Local Handymen

A very important feature for a Handyman app like Uber is to allow the user base to associate only with Handyman professionals who are within proximity of where the user is. This is because no customer would prefer to wait for an extremely long time to get everything accomplished. The app must also help customers find a list of reliable handymen nearby rather than just one. There should be enough information provided regarding each Handyman so that the user can see them and pick the one that they feel is most appropriate for them.

  • Transparent and Detailed Billing

The app must provide the user with a very detailed bill for every service before it commences. Everything from the service charge, to the estimation and cancellation charges, coupons, discounts, and offers must be detailed in an organized manner. In short, the app must be very transparent with the user regarding the service. This way, the user can gain greater insight regarding a Handyman service before opting for them, and there is 100% complete transparency with the users. There is no concept of what is called “hidden prices,” which might cause some customers to leave in disappointment.

  • Multiple Online Payment Methods

Developing a Handyman app for a multi-service business implies that there should be several payment methods, ranging from cash payments to secured payment gateways. This, in turn, provides good convenience to the user base. Cash, debit/credit cards, internet banking, and everything else must be covered. The payment options must also be easy to use, as no one would like to use a payment method that is too complex in operation. The payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe also have to provide a means of safe and secure instantaneous payments, making things easier and more convenient.

  • Real-time Tracking

Another important feature that is integral to the Handyman app is the ability to track them in real-time. In addition to this, the customers can also get details regarding the Handyman to verify them. The customers can also get full-detailed reports related to the handyman’s activities. Immediately after the Handyman accepts the job, the user can get real-time updates on the Handyman and get to know when the provider can reach the user’s location. As one of the top app developers, Uberdoo includes this advanced feature to make the application modern and align with current trends.

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

Providing promo codes, referral codes, and discounts to the user base as a business owner can be an excellent way to entice customers to return for services. This is because users are charmed by apps that offer promo codes and discounts periodically. With the help of push notifications via the app, the user base is notified about everything regarding the offers and referral codes. This way, the Handyman app will make sure that the customer base returns more than once to the app on an increasingly frequent basis, thus bringing in more customers.

  • Appointment Booking and Scheduler

The Handyman app should allow the user base to conveniently make bookings in an instant and streamlined manner. Be it immediate or at a later time, the services can be booked at any time. There should also be the option to make bookings in advance so that they are scheduled for a later time in the upcoming days. With the help of this feature, people who are very busy and who don’t have time to check for bookings get highly benefited. Once a booking is made, the user never has to go back to the app to check it again, as the app will notify users to remind them about the appointments despite their busy schedules. 

  • Additional features include the likes of real-time synchronization, call/chat support, video support, rating/review support, and push notifications.

To know how to capture the attention of people and convert them into loyal customers, it is a good idea to become a customer and download other popular Uber for Handyman apps and see what they have to offer. Everything, ranging from the functionalities and special features, has to be researched in great detail to understand what keeps the competitor app’s user base highly engaged.

 The Pros of a Handyman App 

With that being said about the important features of the Handyman apps, let us look at the advantages that they offer for end-users, service providers, and business owners.

Advantages of a Handyman App for Customers

  • The relative ease of quickly searching and booking handymen.
  • The app uses the power of GPS for speedy and economically priced on-demand services right on time.
  • The search bar provides only a list of exhaustively verified Handyman service providers.
  • On-demand availability of service providers whenever needed.
  • A plethora of cashless payment options.
  • A lot of time is saved.
  • Money is greatly saved in the long run.
  • Accessibility to useful services increases.
  • Offers the best comfort and convenience.

Advantages of a Handyman App for Service Providers

  • Greater flexibility in working where service providers can work at their convenience
  • Increased revenue flow. 
  • Service providers can complete in-app challenges to earn additional cash.
  • Everything is accessible from a single platform and, with push notifications, GPS, and other useful features, the work gets accomplished faster and in a smoother manner.
  • Reporting and analytics-related features will give better insight into the earnings.
  • Heat maps help service providers find areas where there are more requests.

Advantages of a Handyman App for Business Owners and Startups

  • The on-demand model, which is soaring in popularity, guarantees more income and revenue via booking fees, onboarding fees, service commissions, and convenience charges.
  • The startup costs will be minimal if the needed tools and equipment are already there, and the potential for high profits is greater.
  • With the help of the tech-powered model, it is relatively easy to use and automate operations.
  • Startups can easily identify their niche and concentrate on any one of the commercial or residential services.
  • Works effectively and smoothly round-the-clock all year.
  • Businesses can market themselves easily with their services spread all over the market via the app.
  • There is no need for paperwork and the administration cost is reduced.

What is the Cost of Developing a Handyman App Like Uber?

When it comes to Handyman app development, the app development cost varies depending on several factors as below.

  • App Features

The app development cost varies based on the features that need to be a part of the application. Advanced features will definitely mean more cost in implementing them. 

  • Operating System Platforms

The mobile application can be developed for the iOS or the Android platform or both as a hybrid variant. So, the number of platforms that are to be targeted will add to the cost of development.

  • Developmental Team

The Handyman app development cost would also vary depending upon the development team handling the work. The expertise of the development team, including the backend app developers, the quality analysts, the UI/designers, and all the other resources, also contributes to the overall cost. 

  • Other factors include the time involved in developing the application, product management, design complexity, and launching the app onto the respective play stores.

App development is also based on catering to three groups of people: customers, service providers, and businesses. The UI/UX and the app flow vary greatly between each of these apps, contributing to the total cost.

The cost is also determined by the feature sets of the on-demand multi-service application, which includes the following,

  • User Registration

This is important for customized on-point service because it will provide behavioral information regarding the user and also help in tracking all their activities.

  • Map Integration

Another integral part of the on-demand service app, it applies to both the end customer who is on the lookout for services and the service providers. 

  • Filters

Filters also majorly contribute to the total cost of development as they are key for effective searching for users. 

  • Vendor Profile/Service Page

The page contains extensive details regarding the company and its services, along with user reviews and photos.

  • Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway

Users can add a service to the shopping cart and make safe and secure instantaneous online payments.

  • Push Notifications

This vital feature will help in updating the users regarding order status, new messages, and many more.

Therefore, the cost of developing a Handyman app depends upon several factors that range from the UI/UX design, the app complexity, the app flow, the different app modules, the features, the operating system platforms, and the team behind the development, and more.

With all that said, the total cost of developing the Handyman application may vary from $25k to  $45k. In short, it depends upon how ambitious the business owner wants the app to be. Another prominent factor is the budget of the business owner. We at Uberdoo have developed several robustly functioning Uber for Handyman apps under reasonable budgets without forsaking quality in the app development work. Our Handyman clone script has everything ready and thus a lot of time, cost, and effort is greatly reduced.

Concluding Lines

Mobile applications have become very integral to our daily lives, and they are used as a platform for accomplishing Handyman businesses and availing on-demand services. Speaking of on-demand multi-service businesses, they are in high demand and it is the best business option for a startup or business owner who wants to make it big in profits. The goal is to develop an app that acts as a solution to the problems that the users face and makes their lives a lot easier.

Uberdoo’s app development team is highly reputed for having great expertise in Handyman app development, and we develop the best scalable solutions that optimize your business and create the best possible experience. So, if it is your goal to develop a robust Handyman app like Uber, then we can help you accomplish your objective on time. Do connect with our industry-best experts!

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