Changes Associated With Uber

The Uber drivers are excited regarding the “180 Days of Change” festival which permits them to gain additional cash in Las Vegas. Come end of July, the ride hailing giant will permit the Las Vegas riders to tip extra cash to the drivers via the brand’s app.The riders in Las Vegas will be charged from 15 to 40 cents for a minute if they make the drivers who are to pick up them waiting for a time period of more than 2 minutes. Charges varying from 5 to 10 dollars can be applied for riders who cancel a ride after a time span of two minutes the ride confirmation is made.


Further Uber has implemented a feature where the users can provide a pickup for their relations or friends. These moves are related to a dynamic shift related to Uber which was impacted by the quitting of CEO Mr. Travis Kalanick due to mounting pressures. The brand has also been embroiled in a dispute with its drivers being categorized as contractors instead of employees. Also additionally it was rocked by problems associated with salary and other aspects.
It was evident that the drivers needed alternate methods to generate income as stated by a spokeswoman Stephanie Sedlak. Further she added that the changes associated in Uber are meant to generate the best outcomes for the riders and drivers.


The tipping feature was launched steadily in Houston, Seattle, and Minneapolis in demand to the outcry among the drivers.The riders tipping the drivers via cash methodology could have been integrated with its inception 8 years back where the brand’s competitor Lyft has ever since its inception permitted the riders to tip the drivers with the app.


Further Uber noted that it crossed the milestone of 5 billion trips. This objective was accomplished when globally 156 trips were generated in the late hours of May 19th in Las Vegas.
Michael Lima who makes driving for Uber as his part time profession will be awarded $500 bonus in relation to the feat. However, he was not able to recollect as to whom availed the ride.
The waiting fees in effect from the end of July are noted below where Uber X comprises of 15 cents per minute, Uber Xl with 35 cents per minute, Uber SELECT for 40 cents a minute.The order cancellation fees amounted to 5 $ for Uber X, 7$ for Uber XL and 10$ for Uber SELECT