• Employee benefit initiatives by employers during the COVID 19 era

    `We give names for certain periods when they are famous for specific aspects. This era can be undoubtedly but unfortunately be called as COVID-19 era. It has impacted our lives to a great extent, and people are yet to come out of the shock it created. However, it has introduced a new norm called as […]

  • Why is an Instacart clone script helpful to your grocery delivery business

    Due to how life has become so busy in the present days, not all tasks can be accomplished, which paves the way for a rise in difficulty. For instance, when we take grocery shopping, it has become quite tough for working professionals to take good care of it. Being busy the entire week, they find […]

  • Understanding about Uber for X and the challenges associated with it

    There has been a huge growth in the popularity and demand for online on-demand services which are carried out via mobile applications as the platform. The revenue associated with this trend, also known as Uber for X is tremendous. It all started with what we call technological innovation. In the beginning, on-demand services shone primarily […]

  • Tips to seamlessly manage your UberEats Clone business and rise to the top

    On-demand service mobile apps are flourishing greatly when it comes to usage ever since the time COVID-19 pandemic covered the entire world, and Food Delivery Apps are no exception to that rule.   Food ordering/ delivery business is a very lucrative business. If everything is planned well enough, then your on-demand service mobile application has […]

  • Embracing the popular trend called Uber for X

    There is a huge demand for “Uber for X” applications in many domains like lifestyle, sports, food delivery, education, handyman and of course transportation-oriented services. This is a highly lucrative business domain related to on-demand services where venture capitalists invest lots of money in, and its popularity is soaring with time.   So what exactly […]

  • Detailing about the best features of a Uber Clone app solution

    The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the ways how businesses normally take place. A lot of businesses are struggling to remain afloat, and other businesses are facing huge losses. It is indeed a sad time for all the economies from across the globe. However, there are some businesses like on-demand service-oriented businesses that are leveraging the […]

  • Optimizing your success with an Uber for X application

    For aspiring entrepreneurs, now is the best time to launch an on-demand service business or upscale your existing one. An Uber for X script has everything needed for that business to flourish in these times of crisis where the whole world is overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has brought about devastating consequences for […]

  • Useful practices that strengthen the success of your UberEats Clone solution

    Food ordering/delivery mobile apps have become quite a popular trend among everyone owning a smartphone in this pandemic era of 2020. This is because, in light of the pandemic, no one wants to venture out of their homes due to the risk of getting the highly infectious coronavirus contracted. But at the same time, they […]

  • Important components that constitute a powerful ride-hailing software application solution

    Thanks to mobile applications, life has never been this simple and easy as before where there are apps for every type of need. Since their inception, apps have been used to purchase clothes, book tickets for flights, ships and buses. Everything is achieved in a few clicks of your smartphone, and everything is accomplished that […]

  • Why Uber for X model is the best lucrative business at present

    Uber-like start-up models have started to fill up every nook and corner of the on-demand service domains be it Entertainment, Food Delivery, Transportation, Education and Lifestyle. All these start-ups are associated with the Uber for X business model where they follow the business model of the Uber transportation giant. This model has got much traction […]