Building an Uber Clone in 2022 – A Comprehensive Guide

Uber Clone App

Uber-like cab booking apps are playing a vital role in people’s daily lives. Given the success of Uber, every on-demand business is planning to make use of Uber’s business model and develop an Uber clone to get a piece of this pie. 

The IPO valuation of Uber is $82.4 billion and revenue reached was $15.8 billion. This shows how massively Uber has been influencing the taxi booking industry online. That is why all startups and large-scale businesses are very much interested in Uber clone app development. Opting for a white-label Uber clone application that is ready to launch is the modern era’s trend in the on-demand market. This saves a lot of time and development costs. There is no need for putting a lot of effort into creating every part of the ride-sharing app from scratch, and others.

It is great that you have already chosen this as your option. Yet developing an Uber clone app involves a set of parameters to be noted. Let us learn about everything in detail. 

Stakeholder-wise Features To be Incorporated in the Uber Clone App

The app user must be facilitated with the best-in-class and handy features as in Uber in your Uber clone. The stakeholders incorporated in the Uber clone script are the rider, driver, and admin. Each role has its unique set of personalized features, making the app experience extremely useful and effortless. Here are the must-add features,

#1 Rider App

Easy Login

The rider app lets users log in through it easily by using their mobile number or email ID or existing social media credentials. 

Ride Arrival Time

By accessing the real-time location of the driver, the user should be able to get to know about an estimated ride arrival time. 

Schedule Ride

Apart from booking instant rides, the Uber clone allows app users to schedule rides for later for a specific date and time. 

Trip History

The Uber clone app should be completely transparent. The completed, ongoing, and canceled trip histories, and the payments made must be visible to the users. 

Multiple Payment Methods

For a convenient and secure payment, the user can be given multiple payment gateways, cards, UPI, wallets, and other digital payments options. 

In-app Chat/Call

This feature is to give the user an option to interact with the driver to know about the ride details.

Estimated Fare

Once the pickup and drop points are given, the user can get an estimated fare according to the weather conditions, traffic, and other factors. 

Review And Rate

Post-ride completion, the customer can give feedback for the ride taken, driver services, and the app services.

#2 Driver App 

Profile Verification

The drivers can add the necessary documents, get them verified from the admin, and start taking rides instantly. 


By setting their availability toggle as offline or online, the drovers can let the customers and the admin know about their availability.

Accept/Reject Request

Uber clone script incorporates accept/reject request feature, using which the driver can either accept or reject an upcoming request according to their convenience.

Optimized Routes

With Google Maps integrated with Uber clones, the drivers can easily reach the user’s pickup and drop location at the estimated time.   

Track Earnings

The entire history of rides taken, the commission earned daily, weekly, and monthly wise can all be viewed and managed by the driver. 

#3 Admin Panel


The admin can get a holistic view of the application, the overall activities performed, the details about all the rides, and many others.

Manage Drivers

By verifying and affiliating the drivers with the app, the admin can view their details, track their progress, set commission rates for them, and so on.

Manage Users

The admin can access the user information for any purpose and add users manually in addition to users signing up themselves. 


To track business progress with the Uber clone app, the admin can check out the advanced analytics report of all the rides, payments, total trips, and others.

Revenue Streams in Uber Clone Script

It is essential to be aware of the possible ways through which you can monetize your white-label Uber clone. Here are some of the typical revenue streams you can consider imparting in your Uber clone.

  • Cancelation Fee

A certain amount can be levied when a driver or rider cancels the ride. 

  • Ads

By offering other businesses ad space in the Uber clone app, a given ad fee can be charged.

  • Surge Pricing

When the demand is high, the ride fare can also be high. Add additional charges in case of such scenarios in your Uber clone.

  • Commissions

The commission is the main revenue source. The drivers can be charged with a certain amount of the ride fare as app commission according to their service quality and demand. 

  • Premium Charges

Set several perks or additional features as premium and charge a particular amount for the same. The premium model can get a notable revenue for the Uber clone app.

Cost of Uber Clone App Development

As for the cost of Uber clone app development, it depends on many variable elements based on your business’s requirements. Here are some of the primary parameters,

  • Features to be added
  • Platform to be used
  • Tech stack
  • Geolocation
  • Resources required
  • Add-on functionalities

Based on your requirements, the cost varies. However, make sure you nail down every possible need for your Uber clone so that your budget won’t exceed the estimated quote.

Wrap Up

By this point, you will be fully aware of the necessary things to be noted while building an Uber clone script for your business. Leverage the beneficial elements you can obtain through Uber clone app development and increase your on-demand business standards by partnering with Uberdoo, a well-known clone app development company. With remarkable expertise in developing Uber clone applications for both Android and iOS, our developers can offer you industry-best services and top-notch clone solutions. Get in touch with our experts to develop a lucrative taxi-booking app like Uber!

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