Areas of different industries that Uber for X startups must address to


Let it be any business, let it be whether a startup or any sort of the business the most important factor to be considered is funding. Funding has now become very important for the development of the business. Everyone cannot pour tons of money into their startup there might even be funding problems for some people to start the business or to continue the business. Another most important aspect is that they must have the proper idea and the execution that are more important, one cannot completely neglect funding and the execution of the ideas for the business. Funding is the most important aspect of the business. The business would be carried on well only when there are enough income and the funds. The funds are the most important aspect of the investment of the business.So, while starting the business must find and must choose the proper and the actual kind of funding that you need for your business.


When Uber came, many taxi businesses were left with two choices one is to abolish and the other is to perish. With no idea what to do, the taxi business did the most logical thing they came up with the new version of the app development companies in developing and promoting the new version of the applications. This disruption was led by a bunch of startups at the forefront of Uberizing with their respective industries. Meanwhile Uber came up with the new version and they started calling them Uber for X startups while X stands for the service industry. The first thing that the customers expect from an on-demand service is the speed and the delivery, and how swift the services are. There are many Uber for X startups today fighting to start a new industry or finding a way to develop a traditional service. Uber leveraged on existing infrastructure and technology, particularly on the mobility and cloud.


If you look on the surface, it replaces the origin of customer’s demand from annoying two-way radio of radio cabs to robust mobile apps on Android and iOS. It merged the concept with that of the marketplace to build the perfect one. However, the real problem started to surface when Uber for X startups started taking over various industries too. For most industry experts, the year between 2014-2016 was the golden period to enter the market and to seek funding as an Uber for X startup. In fact, many Uber for X startups were thriving in those years but they were  failed during the years following 2018.


For many, 2018 is considered as a successful year. This is the year when the concept around the Uber actually started to benefit customers and made their life even better. There are many ‘X’ services that the customer wants at a particular time in a day. With so many marketing tools available in 2018 to market an app, making people download the app won’t be an issue. The issue would be to make them use them once they have downloaded. As per a Localytics report, 24% of users abandoned an app after using it just one time. The figure is slightly up from a 23% abandonment rate recorded during the same time in 2016. The app user abandonment rate is the second-highest since 2012. That’s a long time to wait. In the year 2018, Uber for X startups concentrated not only on gaining new customers but they also concentrated on keeping them on and on the app with lucrative offers which were not just for new customers but they were also for the existing ones.


Final thoughts

You cannot keep a customer long on your platform by bribing them.   Usually, there is only one reason that the customers are going to stay on your app and are going to continue using it that’ll be quality. The quality of your services and support must be there. Uber for X script provides one of the best and the tremendous services. When we take Quality it is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention and effort with intelligent direction and skillful execution.