An insight about the UberSafe campaign rolled out by Uber India

Being overwhelmed by a strenuous year, Uber has focused on revamping its reputation on a global scale. Uber India conceptualized the UberSafe Campaign which is based on three parameters namely the venture to stop driver duplication, The Share My Trip attribute and the incorporation of the Himmat App so as to augment and fortify the safety of women riders associated with Uber.

This news was revealed immediately post the integration of Unified Payments Interface- UPI into its framework as noted by Uber India.

The Head of Central Operations related to Uber India, Mr. Pradeep noted that to promote and ascertain a secured ride when availing Uber, it requires the combined effort and contribution from the rider base, the driver partners, the brand itself and the entire nation as well so as to furnish the citizens with safety and the liberty of mobility

A major dilemma which the ride-hailing services typically encounter is the aspect of driver authentication wherein several cases the drivers carry out rides with fake ids. It can be because they would have furnished fraudulent information or the fact that they are driving by impersonating somebody else.

Related to the above, this could seriously hamper the safety associated with the ride. Further, it will become a difficult enterprise for the police to zero down on the offender when an offence was committed.

Based on what Uber had to say, the driver’s accounts can be replicated and used fraudulently because of some of the following reasons.

The drivers were forced to set up a new account due to misplacement of the original identification documents and the phone numbers as well. In other cases, the driver would have lost the account password and had to generate a new password.

In order to tackle such scenarios, Uber has subject to inception the feature named “Real Time ID Check” which assists and serves in curbing these activities related to duplication. The related accounts will be deactivated on a temporary basis if they are not authenticated by the driver base. Further, it serves to discard and eliminate unidentified Uber accounts, promoting to the safety of the rides associated with the brand.

The ‘Share My Trip’ feature which was restricted to Uber riders alone has now been associated with other drivers where they can send the details regarding their rides to some personal contacts. Concurrently, Uber has ensured that the privacy and the other confidential details related to the drivers are not compromised and exposed. This assists the Uber driver base to divulge their locations with respect to their close people or family and also to make a call to them.

Further, to augment the safety associated with women riders, Uber has joined forces with the Himmat app which is an ambitious venture taken by the Delhi police related to women’s safety. So at present, the Himmat App will be directly synced with the rider when availing a ride through Uber.

Uber has also collaborated with the all the major bars in the major cities with relation to the #DontDrinkAndDrive campaign where the bar managers can generate a ride back home for people who have become intoxicated in the bar.

Pradeep noted that in addition, the brand had made a joint effort with respect to the ruling body, the NGOs, and the police with the manipulation of campaigns which serve to forestall and prevent any mishaps so as to ensure all the cities to be UberSAFE.

Uber is all set for a new and fresh perception related to providing service with the new CEO Dara Khowsroshahi taking up the responsibility.