All that you should know to start a Uber for X business

The online business domain has experienced a significant boom, ever since the last decade, thanks to the power of the Internet after which businesses fuelled by the power of the Internet gradually began to pick up pace in terms of importance. After that, we all know the emergence of on-demand service giants, including the likes of Uber, Netflix and Zomato. This motivated a lot of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to brainstorm creative ideas to simplify the daily life of people. A lot of people are now inspired to succeed in the On-Demand Service App domain, which enthrals people in the millions and boasts of annual income summing up to several billions of dollars. When we speak about that, the transportation industry is the reigning ruler accounting to $5.6 billion, and the food/grocery delivery is not far behind having generated $4.6 billion.


Several experts believe that this domain will have an all-encompassing revenue of an astronomical $869.95 billion by the year 2022. A reliable source revealed that nearly 86.5 million Americans or 42% of the country’s population availed at least one of the on-demand services.


When it comes to demand, the below-mentioned industries will see a surge which includes the likes of

  • Plumbing – 12%
  • Dry Cleaning and Washing – 3.4%
  • Flooring – 5%
  • Home and Freelancer services – $8.1 billion
  • Other sectors – $3.8 billion


That gives us enough insight regarding the ever-increasing demand for this particular app-based industry. Thereby, any innovative idea that aims to satiate user needs and solve a significant work will be embraced by all.



Let us now take a look at some types of On-Demand Business Sectors that operate similar to the Uber for X business model.


Transportation / Travel-


This sector is an integral part of the on-demand business economy where the business model is envisioned to provide safe and secure Transportation / Travel oriented services. This domain is a highly competitive market where there is a war between Ola (an Indian based taxi booking app) and UberTaxi.


One can start a successful service in this sector with apps like


  • Uber for Taxi
  • Uber for Rentals



Delivery oriented Services-


Typically, people wish to order food from the eateries because they are either tired or feel lazy to cook the food. This mindset is what fuelled the food ordering/delivery business to accomplish thumping success.


To provide some stats related to this 28.6 million Britons or more than 50% of the adult Britishers availed food delivery apps in the first half of 2016. Also, 19% of the Britons order food online every week, followed by 39% of the people who order food every month.


In the UK, the value of the online food/grocery delivery domain summed up to 10.5 billion Euros, and this is estimated to increase to 17.6 billion Euros by the year 2021. The ever-growing popularity of food delivery services is found in many parts of the globe, including the likes of Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Korea as well.


One can use this opportunity to succeed by launching an app like


  • Uber for Food Ordering and Delivery
  • Uber for Grocery Delivery


Health Care Services-


This is a booming sector which serves to end the era where people typically needed to patiently wait for a considerable amount of time when it comes to seeing the doctor. This situation is some times complicated when we speak about emergencies and when the pharmacies operate only for a given time. Thanks to on-demand apps, they help in easily and quickly booking doctor appointments as well as for pharmaceutical deliveries that arrive with the medicines at the doorsteps of the users.

Some of such applications include


  • Uber for Health and Fitness
  • Uber for Teleconsultation
  • Uber for Health Experts
  • Uber for Pharmaceutical Delivery


Professional Services-


Featured is a plethora of industries which can take the Uber for X approach to optimize their businesses. Some of them are listed below.


  • Uber for Pest Control
  • Uber for House Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Uber for Tuition
  • Uber for Plumbing
  • Uber for Washing/Laundry
  • Uber for Movers
  • Uber for Tow Trucks
  • Uber for Gardening
  • Uber for Pets
  • Uber for Massage


Logistics –


Another sector of the on-demand app industry whose future looks promising is the courier/logistics domain. Technology plays a significant role by providing live notifications for the users, which significantly helps in tracking. It helped to end the problems related to biased pricing and unexpected deliveries.




Now is a time when conventional and long-established enterprises have to optimize and transform their entire business functioning with the power of on-demand apps. The future looks promising when we speak about On-Demand Apps, and if you want to begin a highly thriving business based on the Uber for X model, you are welcome to avail the services of Uberdoo.

We have developed a robust Uber for X script that allows you to start a successful on-demand service business in no time quickly.

You can reach us out at, and we will help you to build an Uber-like app that syncs with the big vision of yours.



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