About UberPASS and additional details regarding the ride hailing giant Uber

Uber India has experimented with UberPASS in some metropolises of the nation and it has a resemblance to Ola Select.

This feature permits the rider base to have price concession and other benefits. Encompassing the same for the rider is availing the highly-rated drivers, liberty to avail premium products and other additional features.

Some users from the major cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi will have a chance to manipulate the service. It strives to generate a great experience incessantly with its aid.

Related to the same Uber India General Manager Shailesh Sawlani noted that UberPASS is all set for creating a smooth and memorable drive.

Previously this year, a feature by the name Uber FLAT 49 pass was rolled out in Chandigarh along with some specific US metropolises.

The Status Of Uber, Ola In India

Currently, Uber and its rival Ola are labouring and striving with several internal conflicts and other matters.

In the first quarter, Uber India faced a 25% drop with regards to cab services and Ola also faced a similar situation. This drop was due to incessant reduction and cuts associated with the driver revenues. Drivers who called it quits to these services had searched for alternatives with regards to driving or career altogether.

In the first month of this year, there was a 5% drop in rides associated with both Ola and Uber when evaluated with the previous year.

Further, both the ride-hailing services were also plagued with strikes and disapproval from the state governments.

Related to income, the loss associated with Ola amounted to 360 Million dollars for the Fiscal year 2015-2016 and for Uber it was $ 2.8 billion

In the June of this year, Ola received funding amounting to 50 million dollars from Tekne Capital Management. Further, it raised 350 million dollars from the funders both new and prevailing. It is worth 3.5 billion dollars.

Uber on its account has been affected by the internal problems related o executives where its co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick had to quit with mounting pressures and the brand has been rocked by several issues for a period amounting to more than 1 year. Further featured was the exit of high-ranking executives like Emil Michael and Eric Alexander.

Leaving that apart, the prospects and success factors of both Ola and Uber can be impacted with the inception of UberPASS which could help in assimilating additional market share and augmenting the trust and faith factor of the rider base and subsequently the driver-partners as well so that the latter’s income and earnings are enhanced and augmented.

An Uber India representative noted that some predetermined users will be notified by an email from Uber which will provide access for the uberPASSvehicle where all the associated riders can avail several offers related to their UberGO rides which are different and varying with respect to one city and the other.