A Word on Practo Clone App Development and its Benefits

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed the health care industry to become increasingly digitized. Who wants to wait for long hours seeking a doctor appointment? We can get consultation-based appointments done through reliable mobile apps like Practo and Zocdoc.

A survey conducted earlier revealed that almost 42% of people prefer booking online appointments than preferring conventional methods.

This blog will throw insight regarding doctor appointment apps and so let’s get started by seeing some stats from reliable sources that speak on how these apps are becoming that essential and in-demand.

(i) Nearly 72% of Americans view online reviews of a doctor before opting for consultation.

(ii) 71% of the millennial base opt for scheduling online appointments and getting digital reminders instead of traditional phone calls.

(iii) 66% of the US-based healthcare systems will dispense a wide range of options associated with online doctor appointments.

(iv) The worth of the online doctor booking market is now at a staggering $3.2 billion.


Digitization can offer plenty of benefits like

(i) Instant Appointments where the booking gets made through the app, and the confirmation along with other details are sent directly via phone.

(ii) There are more options when it comes to accessibility, as patients can access a broad category of doctors and choose the best ones straightforwardly.

(iii) 24/7 services where with the power of the internet, people can make appointments at any time.

(iv) The data gets stored with relative simplicity, and the admin can view all the appointments from a single place. Every work is significantly streamlined.


Features that can enhance the overall app experience

When it comes to the development of the doctor booking mobile app, it’s essential to keep in mind regarding the implementation of the best and useful features. After all, it is the vision of the entrepreneur that gets transfigured into beneficial features that highly optimize the user experience.

Some essential features of such applications encompass the following, namely:


(a) Optimized Filter Options:

People must be able to filter the medical practitioners based on their location, expertise, fees, availability and other factors. It will help them greatly in optimizing their search process, and they can precisely zero down on the doctor of their preferences.


(b) Booking and Managing Appointments:

Users can select from a massive range of doctors and their time slots. Depending upon their interests, they can book or cancel the given appointment. The people can also change the appointment date and time, thereby optimizing the convenience from the user perspective.


(c) Calendar Synchronization:

It is typical that due to busy schedules and work, people often tend to forget their appointments. The booking apps play a notable role in syncing the calendars with the consultation time, thereby notifying the user base regarding the dates well in advance.


(d) Integrated and advanced chat/call feature:

This will help the user base in getting all their queries immediately sorted out, and an effective platform for communication between the patients and the health care providers gets developed.


(e) A plethora of Payment Options:

Featured are several payment gateways for the user convenience that encompass the likes of debit/credit cards, net banking and digital wallets.

Let’s now speak of monetization for these apps, which are a straightforward venture.

Business people can generate significant income in a plethora of ways by associating with Practo like app development. Some of them include the like of Commission Fees (where for every appointment booked, the platform owner receives a fixed percentage) and In-App Advertising (Integrating Third-Party Ad Banners for a given time frame and get getting the charges for the ads). Another way to generate revenue is through what is known as Feature-Listings (where the doctors can pay a given amount to get featured at the top of the users’ search results.)



As more and more people now prefer the aspect of digital booking, wielding the power of a doctor booking mobile appointment app is seen as an excellent means to help people and earn considerable revenue as well.


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