A note about Uber’s launch of extra features for its Trucking App

Uber declared last year, December that it’s integrating two new highlights to the Uber Freight application (iOS and Android), the offering it rolled out for truckers back in May. Both are intended to make it simpler for drivers to handle together numerous occupations, which would make it more probable that they’ll continue booking with Uber rather than more conventional online freight load boards or businesses.

One, by the name Post My Truck, enables truckers to tell the application where and when they will be accessible with a vacant truck. They can likewise determine what sort of occupation they’re searching for (short, medium, long haul, and so on), and will then get notices when they’re coordinated with cargo stacks that fit their inclinations. In spirit, it’s like the way Uber taxi drivers check themselves as “accessible” with the goal that they appear on the riders’ guide, however, the organization says the two highlights work in various ways innovatively.

The other new attribute is called “Reloads,” which adopts an alternate strategy to helping truckers locate their next task. Rather than the driver hailing that they will be accessible at a specific time and place, the Reloads highlight appears on the page that portrays a work they’re thinking about, or one they’ve taken beforehand. There, Uber Freight application will demonstrate different loads at or close to the proximity that the activity will lead them to. This implies truckers won’t need to begin absolutely new inquiry of the employments accessible in the city they may be gone to, nor will they need to hold up until the point that they arrive to locate another gig.

These new highlights heap over others that Uber has included consistently, similar to the “For You” page it rolled out last August, which algorithmically lists out potential tasks in an area of the Freight application that a driver may like.

The capacity to quickly launch these sorts of highlights, alongside the simplicity at which Uber Freight can acquire thoughts or innovative framework from the fundamental Uber application, give it some especially solid capability with regards to succeeding the trucking business. Savvy suggestions are the sort of thing that conventional businesses aren’t generally ready to offer, and are in some ways they’re even disincentivized to attempt. These highlights could likewise influence Uber Freight to be a more natural administration for more youthful individuals who are simply entering or will some time or another become a part of the trucking workforce.

Obviously, we don’t know how well this is functioning yet, since Uber hasn’t shared any details on what number of drivers are utilizing the administration, or what number of services/ jobs are booked in a normal means.