10 Successful On-demand App Business Models


Uber’s victory has set a benchmark for all on-demand services and it has inspired Uber for X revolution Below there is a list of dynamic and potential on-demand business models through which you can gain inspirations.

On-Demand Transportation App

Uber for X has changed the way that we commute. However, when you want to create a taxi booking service like Uber, the major challenge is that Uber already exists. So tend to make something different and effective apart from the existing applications. When you develop an app like Uber, focus on simplicity, efficiency, and relevance to create interest among your end-users. Uber for X Incorporates unique features that are relevant.

On-Demand Grocery App

On-demand grocery application delivers groceries on the go. And it is considered as one of the popular on-demand startup ideas these days. Such apps offer customers the ease to buy groceries online and this process helps the consumers to get it delivered the same day. The method here is easy and simple users here have to just simply have to download the app, register and order the products as required. Through this idea uber for X offers a convenient way for users to do their daily shopping, more people are likely to get attracted to such businesses.

On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

If you are looking forward to knowing how to build an app like Uber, then try it with a different niche. Online food delivery can be a great pick. Online food ordering and delivery is the new type of food business that is currently trending. If you think from a user perspective, it is the most convenient way to access the most urgent requirement. Ordering and delivery have become much simpler. No more waiting at the restaurants, you can easily book a meal that will be delivered at your doorsteps soon.

On-Demand App For Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are the most thriving industries considering its popularity worldwide. People are much concerned about their fitness and nutrition. these applications allow them to efficiently manage their fitness routine. This also makes it easy for users to book exercise sessions at any fitness center or to create an exercise routine on their own.

Just ensure that the best features are included in your app, and also make sure that the booking session features seamless or make it easy for them to see workout videos.

On-Demand Apps For Beauty Services

This is yet another incredible Uber for an X startup idea. This mainly concentrates on delivering the best beauty services to users with no delays.

On-demand apps not only provide customers with the ease to book beauty services and avail as required, but they also offer great deals and offers.


On-Demand Travel And Hospitality Apps

Advancements in mobile application technology have made it easier for travelers to explore the world conveniently and instantly. Intelligent search and booking systems are the backbones of any on-demand travel or hospitality app. It allows users to perform several functions like setting up reminders, comparing prices, and notification of offers.  Uber for X apps is not just popular they also have an exciting feature.


There is no other better way to offer services to your customers than through a mobile app. Provided that your on-demand service business model offers something unique to your target audience; your business will see tremendous growth. You can easily connect your customers with required services, book appointments, and clear payments and do business in a few clicks.